24 July 2008

A Bucketful of Corns

Thursday, July 24, 2008 Posted by Aimee , , , 3 comments

I'm back and i'm blogging again. I don't know how the thought started but it popped and I started typing in the address bar "blogger.com" XD

I wanted to keep this thing posted on my current whereabouts and stuffs like that but I'm kinda lazy at times and the keeping-this-updated idea remained only an idea. I don't know, I just can't find something to write and I'm even thinking that I'm not making any sense right now. hahaha. At least i'm thinking. XD

Anyway, there's this book, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I heard it from my friend, then I read reviews about it and that's it... I'm so fond of books (for the information of those who don't now me). I wanted to buy some but I'm living in poverty right now so I'm trying to keep my mind on other things. That includes making money. hahaha.. Heard about paid-to-click sites? Well, I'm on it and I'm desperate. And everybody in the group seems to swim in the same fondness.

Another thing...
Another academic year started about last month ago and along with that are the major subjects, the freaking majors. And I'm starting to feel the "real world" here and it makes my nose bleed. You know, the epistaxis thingy, I'm starting to feel it coming. It's another helluva semester. Yeah, I'm even thinking that last year's struggle needs doubling up and I can feel myself drowning with my frustrations. Especially with our advanced engineering mathematics. It's not even a major subject but I'm having so much difficulty with it and I guess my classmates are diving in the same sentiment. They say it's only, "mind over matters," but no matter how I mind-over-the-matter I still can't see the bulb light up. Oh God! It's not even blinking for God's sake. I, not only have a bleeding nose, but a cracking head as well. Crap!
Plus, we're having a seatwork on our Accounting tomorrow. I can't study right now. I don't feel like reading academic books at this moment, it makes the world swirl. XD

But I'm glad I have my friends to get by. We're all weirdos and we're unique. We laugh at our own mishap and laugh out more at our own corns-of-jokes. hahaha.. I'm laughing now. I can see the corn coming tomorrow. :D

XOXO, aimee