28 June 2009

Shoes Galore

Sunday, June 28, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
Fun! Fun! Fun! I guess that's what most girls just wanted to do. Partying all night, going out to different places or even just stroll..
And the good thing about being a girl is that you can doll her up any way you want. I can totally relate to this since I am a girl and I have every right in the world to do what I want with myself.
And in going out or partying with friends, aside from the get-up and stuff, shoes are one thing to be considered. If you go to a bar or something, you should not, or you cannot just wear any shoes. You have to wear THAT pair of shoes.. You know, it's one thing I learned from a certain television series is that you should pick the best shoes because they're the ones that take you to different places. Or something like that.
Well, that's why I'm really thankful for online shops that showcases variety of shoes, perfect for a girl's need. And since this month is considered as a wedding month, I looked through shopwiki and found these wedding shoes:

This type is said to be good for a Bohemian bride. I find it really cute. So what do you say? :)

That's not all. There are also running shoes and rain boots. Well, there are a lot more you can find at shopwiki. It's a really good shop. :)

  • The first one is an Adidas A3 Cushion shoe. Well, it's a running shoe. There are also other brands like Nike, New Balance, etc. It's really good since a good pair of running shoes is perfect for every runner.
  • The next photo next to that Adidas is a rain boot. "...with the rising popularity of rain boots, rainy days can give you an excellent opportunity to show of your sense of style while staying dry..."