13 June 2015


Saturday, June 13, 2015 Posted by Aimee No comments
Well, hello again. After 4 years, lol.

I've finally able to find my out of that haystack. But the damage has been done. My page rank has dropped to...I don't know. I don't even have a page rank anymore. Fortunately, I don't care about that right now. I'm just happy I was able to retrieve this account. See, my yahoo e-mail, the one I used with this blog, has been deleted from the system. Well, I'm sorry I didn't read the terms. I have to actually be active at least once a year to maintain it. A simple act I apparently did not do.

So, for those who are having the same problem, here's what I did.
1) Try to remember the e-mail you used. Like seriously remember, spelling and all.
2) Sign up for another account. (Yahoo, for my case. This I think is part of the problem. I should've used my Google account for this blog.)
3) In signing up, use the same e-mail (spelling and all) as your previous one, the one that was deleted.
4) End of story. Haha

It's actually quite simple. It's devastating how I did not think about it earlier. Well, let's charge it to experience.

And in conclusion, I'm back to blogger, fellas. I just couldn't leave it. I started here. There's just too many memories. ;]

Say hello to my cat! :)