22 August 2009

New Domain...again?

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Well, as for the title, I'm still thinking about buying a new domain. I'm still weighing my options since there are a lot of things to consider. First, the domain name. Woohoo! As of now, I have my personal domain, aimeenvincible.net. For the benefit of those unaware, I chose that domain name because I really wanted a URL that would signify fierceness. And, of course, call me vain, but I also wanted my name to be in it. Ha ha ha! Silly much, eh?

Well, the second thing to consider is where you would buy your domain name. And the third, which I think is one of the most important things to consider is choosing the best website hosting service that is really worth the price. I had my sucking experience once with my previous host and I don't want it to happen to anyone anymore.

You see, it is still best to search for the best provider. We have the WWW for that and Web Hosting Geeks to rank the web hosting services according to serviceability and efficiency. Great, isn't it? In WHG, we are already provided with the number one provider. So there is less hassle and hesitations on choosing the right one.

And as of the moment, InMotion, which provides customers with Business Web Hosting.
See, it's really helpful. You can also visit their blog to be more aware of what they are offering.

08 August 2009

Contest! Contest!

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Since I am in great need of $$$ right now, I decided to join this contest by Ambrith. She posted on my chatbox, and that's how I got the idea... Weeeeh! Thank you, Ambrith. I hope I win the one-hundred-dollar ($100) first prize.. Woohoo rules!

It's really very easy to win. All you have to do is to acquire at least 10 points out of the 15 points available. And since I am not allowed to copy paste, you should really visit the contest site. That is also because you have to know the accurate instructions.

I have joined a lot of contests before. Unfortunately, luck was never on my side. Boohoo!
I am hoping this contest to be my first. So good luck to me :) Help me pray...

Also, thanks to the sponsor of this contest, Liane YoungBlogger of betterbloggingforbloggers.com, for making this contest possible.

Music Online

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For the past years, I have been using different peer-to-peer file-sharing programs in downloading files (music or applications, usually). I am a musically inclined person and these computer programs have helped me download my favorite songs anytime (and for free!) without really knowing what effects they give to me. Oh! Well, except for increased entertainment.

Just recently, I just learned some of the effects of these programs. And I tell you, they're not really promising. Here are some:

  • Your computer’s IP address is broadcast to millions of people. Sophisticated computer hackers can get into your system if they know your computer’s IP address.
  • They’re free because, when you install them on your computer, you also install spyware and adware.
  • The quality of the audio files you download runs from very bad to very good, and you never know how bad or good a file is until you download and play it. Some audio files are incomplete. Others are not what they claim to be.

-taken from this site

This information helped me a lot. Call me whatever but, seriously, I never really knew about those. It got me thinking of removing my peer-to-peer file-sharing programs installed in my lappy just so I could avoid these effects, and buy original albums instead. Woohoo! In that way, piracy is somehow lessen.

Another way is by purchasing from authorized online music stores. The cost of downloading an audio file from an online music store ranges from 79 to 99 cents. Some websites charge $20 to $30 per month subscription fee.

What do you think? I hope this information helped you, too.

Web Directories

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Do you want to increase your blog traffic? For businesses, this is pretty essential because it helps them gain more customers. So by using a web directory, your blog traffic would likely increase.

A web directory, by the way, provides a list of various websites. It is not a search engine and does not display websites by its keywords. The websites are categorized into categories and subcategories according to the concept of the whole website, not on the idea of every page. It is really helpful because it reduces the search time. And if you really narrow down your search, you can have a better and accurate results.

But we have to be careful with these directories. Others entice us with advertisements and other special offers but, in reality, there might be nothing to do with quality in the websites that they list. So we must also consider the authenticity of these websites to avoid disappointments.

Examples of a trustedd web directory is the Yahoo! Directory.

Yahoo Directory is one of the most popular web directories in the World Wide Web since it is used by most business owners all over the globe.

Another one is business.com. By the name itself, we can see what this directory is for, right?

The difference between a web directory and a search engine is their efficiency. Directories are more efficient since they provide only the homepage of the site that you are searching for. So you do not have to go through the hassle of going through individual pages to get your preferred link.

As I said, these directories are really helpful to those who are a business-engaging website. This will increase the blog traffic and page rank so great profit is easily attained.

Tell me what you think :)