30 October 2009

Gold! Gold!

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Gold, gold, gold!... Oh yeah, let's talk about gold.
Theoretically speaking, gold is a chemical element with Au as its symbol. Well, Au because it is based from the Latin word Aurum. It has been one of the most sought-after metal since the beginning of the recorded history. Why?... Because gold symbolizes wealth, elegance, and power. In the earlier times, people used gold coins, silver coins, and the like, as their primary form of money.

An example of a gold coin is this....

A Portuguese Gold Coin

And since gold coins are hard to store nowadays, it is best to find the best gold investment company. Oh yes. There are lots out there, but it's hard to find the best suitable one. The one you can trust.
Therefore, it's good to know that there is Gold Coins Gain. It is an Aurum advisor's website :D They're just a call or a click away.

In their site, you can also buy gold bullion there. And every gold bullion coin is, more or less, $1000!

So what are you waiting for? Visit their site now, for more information. Click here. I know you'll thank me for this :P

29 October 2009

Online Algebra Tutor

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Mathematics is one of the reasons why students in their secondary level of education fail. Math problems basically need analysis. But not everyone is good with it. Some people are just too tired or too lazy to even think about the answers. Or maybe they weren't trained. Yes, you know what I mean. Children nowadays think more about play and not work. What with fast-evolving technology, it's really hard to keep their focus on the school stuff, right?

So, other tutoring company came up with an innovative idea. Since almost every home has its own personal computer these days, it's time to make studying a more fun-filled activity. Yes, with the help of these computer and the Internet, of course, TutorVista is helping students by providing online tutorials for K-12 and college students, for as low as $99.99 per month. That is an unlimited monthly tutoring package. How cool is that!!!

They have Math word problems, Algebra word problems, and the like. They also provide Math answers that corresponds to the problems. And the Algebra help, and Algebra 2 help. Isn't it handy? It's all in one site. Thanks to TutorVista. Now, students can make full use of the technology in making learning a fun-filled experience.

16 October 2009


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Oh yeah! Let's talk about books, e-books, and stuff. Everyone knows here how I love books. It's been my passion since grade school. Whenever I go to a mall or something, I never fail to locate bookstores just to satisfy my cravings. Yes, cravings because, I think, it's what you call for a longing that is so inevitable it could make you lose your senses if you don't get it. I know this is really silly, but who cares? It's my prerogative.

Anyway.. I have heard about this site in which they provide a search engine for PDFs. Yes, you heard that right. And when I say pdf, I mean the e-books. I am very thankful for this E-book Search Queen. They have this very wide range of collection. You just have to go to their site, type what you're looking for, and they'll search the pdf for you. How cool is that.

This is very easy, you know. You wanna give it a try? No problem. :)) Because I'm already trying it for myself.

Business Galore

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I am a total couch potato. When I'm at home, all I really want to is to sit down and watch the television. It's really very entertaining. That is really one of those things that I miss from home. You see, I am currently in another island right now because of these studies and stuff. Yes, I really miss being at home. I miss our TV. I miss Chowder on Cartoon Network. I miss Disney Channel, Star Movies, HBO, et cetera. Yeah, the goodness of cable.

Anyway, speaking of television, does Direct TV Business ring a bell to you? Because, it really does to me. Ha ha ha. I've heard about this one couple of times before. And I even considering this Directv Business here. It's really cool. You see, they are even have this exclusive sports programming where you can watch your favorite sport or team play. Yes, no matter what team. This is something that people don't get with only cable.

They are also giving away special promos for phone orders. If you want Direct TV for Business, you just have to call 1.800.595.9981 for a free quote. How cool is that!!! I don't know is this is accessible in our area. But imma try this magnificent offer. It's really a shame to pass this one. I hope this
Commercial Direct TV reaches the Philippines.