13 June 2015


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Well, hello again. After 4 years, lol.

I've finally able to find my out of that haystack. But the damage has been done. My page rank has dropped to...I don't know. I don't even have a page rank anymore. Fortunately, I don't care about that right now. I'm just happy I was able to retrieve this account. See, my yahoo e-mail, the one I used with this blog, has been deleted from the system. Well, I'm sorry I didn't read the terms. I have to actually be active at least once a year to maintain it. A simple act I apparently did not do.

So, for those who are having the same problem, here's what I did.
1) Try to remember the e-mail you used. Like seriously remember, spelling and all.
2) Sign up for another account. (Yahoo, for my case. This I think is part of the problem. I should've used my Google account for this blog.)
3) In signing up, use the same e-mail (spelling and all) as your previous one, the one that was deleted.
4) End of story. Haha

It's actually quite simple. It's devastating how I did not think about it earlier. Well, let's charge it to experience.

And in conclusion, I'm back to blogger, fellas. I just couldn't leave it. I started here. There's just too many memories. ;]

Say hello to my cat! :)

17 April 2011

The Ultimate Guide To Writing A PhD Thesis

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Writing a PhD thesis is a monumental task that can be broken down into many manageable pieces. By deconstructing the process of writing a PhD thesis in this way you can turn an epic task into something that you can easily do. This is the ultimate guide to writing a PhD thesis.

Make Your Choices

Before you do anything else you have to decide on the topic of your PhD thesis. This can be a job in itself but it must be done before you can proceed. Put in the effort necessary to get this done and get it done. You need it to move on to the next step.

Make A Plan

To write your PhD thesis you will need to make a plan. You will need to plan out every little aspect of the writing process. This is not a writing task that you can play by ear and hope that it all works out for the best. The more that you start off with a clear structure the better off you will be. Following are some of the plans that you need to make.


Create a timetable for your writing. How much time will you spend writing each day? How much will you have done by your chosen checkpoint dates? When will you be done with your first draft?

How much time are you giving yourself to edit your work? How much extra time are you putting into this timetable for those unavoidable circumstances that are sure to throw off your schedule? You want to know what you are doing, when you are doing it, and that everything will still work out fine if you miss a day of writing.


If you want your thesis to have a logical progression of information then plan that out from the start. You want to outline your thesis down to small details so that you know where you are going with each section. By planning out each chapter, section, and subsection you will know what to write about when and your PhD thesis will be as focused as you want it to be. This is an excellent defense against writer's block too. If you already know what you want to write about then it is that much easier to just write about it.

Overcoming Obstacles

You are going to face obstacles of one kind or another. Sometimes life will get in the way and other times you will just lose focus. If you need a break then take one and make it a real break. Leave your PhD thesis behind for a while or even for a day every so often if that is what you need to return to it as committed as you were when you started. Don't think about it, talk about it, or plan what to do next during this time so that you will be able to focus when you get back.

When all is said and done, writing a PhD thesis can be broken down into two steps. Create a plan. Execute the plan.

Tom Rheinecker discusses the advantages to enrolling in a PhD program online.

15 February 2011

My Valentine's Day!

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First of all, I want to greet everyone a Happy Valentine's Day (belated, actually but it doesn't really make any difference). Did you have a big celebration? Well, good for you if you had. In my case, I don't really need anything of that sort. I've read this note over my Tumblr dashboard, and the light bulb suddenly clicked. It went like this:
I hate Valentine's Day. It's not even a real holiday. It's just an excuse for guys to treat their girlfriends like princesses which is b$&lsh*t because that's the way it should be every day of the year.
GIRLS, don't you agree? :] It may sound bitter but at least it made sense. The making up for whatever time part totally got me.

So yesterday, if you are living in my place, was the actual date of our Valentine's Day. Mary Vic, my former roommate, just made my day by coming over. It was unplanned. She was to get this letter from a bank or something. She probably forgot to change her address on the records. :] Well, she arrived here and we talked, and talked, and talked. She said she had a night's duty. (She was a nursing student, by the way.) And she was big on cleanliness that's why everyday after school/duty, she would wash her medical uniforms lab coats. And she would iron that the next day. She's generally a good friend. She disclosed some stuff about her recent encounters, and I did some of mine.

I actually missed having her around. She used to make this room a little neat because sometimes I'm pretty lazy to do that. Effness to me! LOL! I remembered how we used to go to a dentist together. Oh elementary days! There were those dental office uniforms which looked almost exactly like the fashion seal medical scrubs you see on the Internet. Anyway, Mary Vic paid for my lunch which saved me a couple bucks. :]] LOL! The talking never ceased while we were eating. It just did when I arrived in Ayala because we had to separate ways.

Since it was Valentine's day, couples, flowers, cakes, and balloons were everywhere... like literally. It seemed like I was the only one walking alone. Sucks! It would be better if Eugene was also there. But hey, no worries. I felt so independent, which I think was a pretty good thing. I ordered some stuff over Watson's. I just thought I needed those for myself. Needed or wanted, no biggie. I went home immediately after. I can't stand the "things" I saw. ROFL! Bitter much?... Hell no!

10 December 2010

When medical care fails...

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DePuy Manufacturing started designing and building fiber splints to replace wooden barrel staves that were used to set fractures. It has been operating to several countries around the world. Isn't it grand? The franchise was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1998, and formed part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostic group.

I've known J&J since I was a child. It manufactures lots of products here in the Philippines. Well, it's a prestigious company, yes. So, I was surprised to read about DePuy having announced a voluntary recall last August of this year. It was about the high rate of hip replacement failure using that ASR system.

Because of what happened, it is necessary for every victim to find the appropriate lawyers for the DePuy hip replacement lawsuit. Justice is what's needed here. They can't just get away with that. When we consider health our wealth, isn't it right that we demand the proper amount of medical care?

18 November 2010


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I have lots of friends that are nursing students. So I'm pretty much familiar with the nursing scrub uniforms that they wear. And I tell you, I'm not very happy to see it. I've always wanted to have a bright and happy outlook in life. I've always wanted colorful things, and their medical scrubs and uniforms are plain and simple. Oh! What the...

Well, I'm not really sure if medical uniform stores here in our place have the ones that I have in mind. I think I only found them on the Internet, except for those customized medical suits.
I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, and there's this one episode that Derek Shepherd used a lovely medical cap or something of that sort. It looks fantastic on him.

I guess it makes medical people look less intimidating, especially if the doctors or nurses are assigned in the pediatric section. The kids love a colorful sight. Don't you agree? If I were a kid and I look at Arizona Robbins with her clipped-on-the-collar stuff toys, I would be extremely delighted. She always has this way of making kids at ease.