24 August 2008

Thirty-three facts not disclosed in the book..

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1.Prefects can take points; Ron got it wrong in Order of the Phoenix, which makes him a pretty poor prefect, eh?

2.Fred and George Weasley were born on April Fools' day (no joke).

3.Ginny Weasley's first name is Ginevra, and she is the first female Weasley born for "several generations," says JKR.

4.Arthur Weasley has two brothers.

5.Molly Weasley's maiden name is Prewett.

6.Crookshanks is half Kneazle.

7.The infamous Weasley cousin who was cut from the books was named Mafalda. She was in Slytherin.

8.Dean Thomas's father was killed by Death Eaters when he refused to join them. Neither Dean nor his mother know.
Dean Thomas was named Gary in the first drafts of the Philosopher's Stone.

9.Hagrid, Lily, and James were in Gryffindor. (Hagrid was NOT in Hufflepuff.)

10.Hogwarts has about a thousand students. (True, that number doesn't seem right, but J.K.R. said so, and she's the boss.)

11.James Potter was a Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team (although the movie claimed he was a Seeker).

12.Hermione's birthday is September 19th; Ron's is March 1st.

13.James Potter inherited lots of money and didn't need a well-paying profession.

14.James Potter inherited the Invisibility Cloak from his father.

15.Witches and wizards have longer life-spans than Muggles.

16.The Gringotts' goblins return the Muggle money they acquire back into circulation.

17.The approximate value of a Galleon is about five pounds ($7.30 or 8.00 Euro), though the exchange rate varies.

18.Dumbledore is 150, McGonagall is 70 (and is really an old softy; she just doesn't act like it), Snape is 35 or 36.

19.Hogwarts' school motto, "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus," means, "Never tickle a sleeping dragon."

20.If placed in front of a mirror, the inscription on the Mirror of Erised ("Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi") reads, "I show not your face but your heart's desire."

21.The happiest people do not become ghosts (12). (Therefore, we can assume that ghosts are people that died while sad, angry, etc. Myrtle was teased; Nearly Headless Nick didn't have his head completely chopped off; the Bloody Baron was...lonely?)

22.The Hogwarts teachers do not stay at Hogwarts during the Christmas holidays. However, Filch, Hagrid, and Dumbledore do.

23.A few of the Hogwarts professors have spouses, but that information is restricted for reasons we will find out about later. (5)

24.To remove the tail that Hagrid gave Dudley in the hut on the rock, the Dursleys went to a private hospital where the staff was very discreet, and said that a wart had gone out of control. (9)

25.Aragog is an Acromantula (see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). (6)

26.Dragons can't be domesticated, no matter what Hagrid thinks. (6)

27.There is more to the cats in the story (Crookshanks, Mrs. Figg's cats, Mrs. Norris, etc.) than meets the eye. (9)

28.The animal an Animagus turns into is a reflection on his/her personality. (8)

29.For Hagrid, keeping dangerous creatures is all about overcoming something that could kill him. (6)

30.Azkaban is in a sea north of the North Sea. A very cold sea. (12)

31..You can do unfocused and uncontrolled magic without a wand (like when Harry blows up Aunt Marge), but to perform really good spells, you need a wand. (5)

32. Muggle education is not required for wizard children prior to attending Hogwarts. (9)

33.A magical quill detects the birth of every magical child and records it in a book and Professor McGonagall sends an owl to each child when he or she turns eleven. (14)

22 August 2008

Gossip Girl XOXO

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I love Gossip Girl.
Can't wait for the next season.
I bought it's first season, watched it and lovin' it. The episodes got a lot to offer. You will be thrilled.
Believe me, I cried, laughed. Well, I had fun, to narrow it down.
Every teenager, with a highlight on ladies, can pretty much relate with this series. It's a typical life of teens -- the boys, gossips, frienemies, fashion, jealousy.
Hahahaha, indeed from-BOYS-to-NAIL-POLISH series.
Something awaits every episode, like a surprise. And every bit of it is worth watching... :D

Sidney Sheldon R.I.P. Rock In Perpetuity!

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Sidney Sheldon dies 

January 31, 2007

And so this is Sidney Sheldon, one of my favorite authors. 
I have always adored his works -- the best laid plans, master of the game, etc, etc.
He has this sense in writing that is so inviting. Though I haven't really seen him in person, I feel his passion. He drives me to tears, to excitement, to thrill and to a world so different from here.
Although he won an Academy Award, a Tony, and A few Emmys, I’ll always remember him as one of the humblest, most genuine people I’ve ever known with an incredible work ethic.
He once said, “Don’t talk about writing…Do it!”
I’m doin’ it, Sidney…Thank You! R.I.P. Rock In Perpetuity!

"I try to construct them so when the reader gets to the end of a chapter, he or she has to read just one more chapter. It's the technique of the old Saturday afternoon serial: leave the guy hanging on the edge of the cliff at the end of the chapter." - Sidney Sheldon

Kyle XY

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This is Kyle XY.. obviously..
Well, just heard this from Eugene. Well, he and his pal, Angelo, actually. They've seen it first on Studio 23. And they said it's nice. I was so hooked up to Grey's Anatomy that time that I did not mind. I even thought that it was some kinda cartoon or anime thingy, you know the boy thingy.
Then one day :) I went to this DVD store with my friends and saw this cover on the DVD, the Kyle XY, and I was so thrilled because it was human, really. hahaha.. Well, not really human but doesn't matter, it's not caricature or something. So I bought it, watched it, and you know what happened next... hahaha..
I now have it's fourth season and I love it. The physics thingy, Kyle being so exceptional..
I don't mean to spoil things, so watch it for yourself... :D

Grey's Anatomy Season 4

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I bought a Grey's Anatomy season 4 with Shalee ans Suyin a while ago. I was really looking for a copy of it long before. I've seen lots though, but I just can't afford that time. You know, I'm always poverty-stricken and it's not a shock.. hahaha..
Anyway, I love this series because, though I'm not a medical student or something related to that sort of stuff, the feelings, the scenes, their ravings, I can relate really. I don't know, but I just love this kind of crappies. The sappy moments, the funny ones, everything. It drives me to tears. I'm a cry baby anyway and I kinda like it. Well, no choice.. Lols!..

15 August 2008

Colby O' Donis- What You Got ft Akon [Official Music Video]

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Here's a music video. This was released about months ago, I can't be sure. I heard this one about a million times by now and, still, I haven't gotten over it yet.
I love this song because it somewhat reminds me of D' Hacienderas, my "sorority" in school. hahaha.. Well, it's really a sorority but I love to call it as such because the sound of it makes a B-A-N-G impact. hahaha...

But I only have here a link since the resolution won't fit in my post area.. Feel free to enjoy it.

What You Got official music video

09 August 2008

08 August 2008

Paid to Click and/or Review Sites

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I'm really having this urge to make money and I'm more desperate now. I signed up every money-offering sites though I haven't known a lot of them. Well, just wish me luck, okay.

I'm just thinking...
We have our Material science subject and there's something I learned. Once, we had this lesson about WOOD and an idea just hit me. I started to think that wood industry would be an excellent idea. Well, for the past years I haven' really thought of what I wanted to do, wanted to be, and future stuffs. I don't know, maybe this notion is for this time only but I just wanted to share. Yeah, I say it again, Wood industry would be great.
And maybe someday, oh! yes, one day I'm gonna be bragging about my company, a furniture maybe. I love things. I just love everything. And one day when I'm gonna build my own home, and you'll see my self-designed chairs, and stuff...
hahaha.. Now, I'm picturing my home. It would be as lovely, as picturesque as I thought.

hahaha.. Princesses sore high, right?! :)

I don't know. The idea just struck me and I wanted to write or something...
That would be all for now. I'll think of something worthwhile to post next time.. :D
I'll keep you posted, that's for sure...

02 August 2008

What Happens in Vegas

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I watched What Happens in Vegas a while ago and it got me all corny-whatever thingy. I cried, yeah! I don't know why, but on the part when they were on the court for like their so-what-now decision & Cameron decides a divorce leaving the $3M to Ashton, I got all heavy-hearted. hahaha.. The movie was not sappy. I was the one making it as such. I don't know but I get so defenseless with movies, books & stuffs of some sort. I'm so vulnerable to tears & I hate it at times. XD But I got used to it.. hahaha :D

01 August 2008

Hakuna Matata!

Friday, August 01, 2008 Posted by Aimee 1 comment
It means no worries.
Advanced Engineering Math is getting to my nerves so I'm setting it aside.. hahaha..
I was supposed to blog about my ravings yesterday, but my idleness got in the way. Anyway, chill na for now. I'm currently reading Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend by Robert James Waller. I got the chance to read his previous work, The Bridges of Madison County, and it was damn romantic so I decided to buy this hardbound thingy for only P40. Amazing. isn't it? hahaha..