28 February 2009

Belated Happy Birthday to me :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009 Posted by Aimee 26 comments
My actual birthday was last February 26 and I was supposed to post something that day but was not able to do so due to some misunderstandings and stuff. So that was a total emotion-whirlwind. Parang halo-halo yung saya, lungkot at kung anu-ano pa....

So ngayon I'm officially 19. Sabi nila hanggang 18 lang daw yung teenage life, but I think hindi. I don't even feel mature  Bahala na sila, basta I'm feeling young parin... XP

Nothing really happened sa actual birthday ko. As usual, I was late sa 1st subject, Strength of Materials. It was a seven-thirty class and I could not bring myself to get off my bed. Kahit ang ingay-ingay na nung alarm clock, hindi parin ako nagising    Ayun, I'm the laziest person I know talaga.
So after that class, we immediately headed to the internet cafe to make our  Psych assignment which was due at 4:30 that afternoon. My monitor kasi sa boarding house sira kaya I was not able to encode it the previous night.

We learned na wala pala kami pasok sa Methods Lab kaya next class namin 4:30pm na, General Psychology. The best and most embarassing part of the day happened there. Embarassing kasi the whole class sang a Happy Birthday song for me. Nakakahiya pero nakakatuwa at the same time. Parang High School ulit  
Ayun, nakalimutan ko na yung nangyari after that... Medyo hindi kasi nag-register sa utak ko yung iba.. hehehe

..February 27, 2009..
So that was yesterday and I celebrated my birthday sa araw na 'yan. Sadly wala akong cam kaya I grabbed some photos nalang @ Mikyu's multiply account  Thanx kyu!
1st stop - TY2JY internet cafe, in front of USC-TC exit B (meeting place, actually)
2nd stop -  868. I think it's a fasion shop or something, tapos mura yung mga damit, sandals and stuff  

w/ my ultimate partner, Mikyu :) We bought waffles sa Waffle Time while the others were busy strolling.

3rd stop - Rustle Angels. They got some cute stuffed toys and funny items. hahaha...


 nakakatawa yung mga stuff sa background

4th stop - Da Vinci's Pizza! Actually, it was my first time there. Sabi kasi ng ate ko dati masarap daw. So I wanted to try.  Ayun, sooo sarap nung pizza. We ordered three. I think nag-enjoy lahat. We had lots of candid, funny pics here and there

 pagdating pa lang, picture2x agad  Imagine how vain we are!!! 
From left to right - Jo, Aimee, Mikyu, Ainee, Shalee, Leslie, Lyn & Jessa.

 The Mona Lisa

 Da Vinci's Materpiece & Hawaiian Delight

Random Pics
With the Coke
 Sabay kami nag-PhPlurk, same din yung laman ng message  
 playing with the ice :)
 Mikyu yung nag-take nito, so wala xa XD
 eto yung nilagyan ng bill :) weird!!!
5th stop - Ayala Mall. Something happened there pero we worked it out in the end.

 I bought an Extra-large Thirsty for everyone kaya mraming straw :)
Last stop -  School!!! We had a class at 7:30pm-8:30pm. Elementary Electronics.
All in all, the day was sooooo much fun!!! I thank D' Hacienderas for another frozen moment. You always make my day, guys!!! My birthday would not be complete without you. Thank you so much!  

24 February 2009

What a day

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Posted by Aimee 14 comments
I'm planning to blog something about the highlights of the past week but I can't think of a way to start.
Suddenly I was sort of sidetracked and I wanted to write something else. Arrrrrrggggghh! My mind is in a whirlwind right now. I can't think straight. Today is one of those aimee-is-indecisive days, maybe because of what happened this afternoon. I can't tell you the details yet. But, really, it ruined my day.... Tsk tsk tsk...

So to lighten up my day a bit, I decided to indulge myself in the net world. True enough, I'm starting to feel a little glad. I visited Paulo Coelho's blog and this is what I got....

A journey is an adventure. Henry Miller said that it is far more important to discover a church no one has heard of, than go to Rome and feel obliged to visit the Sistine Chapel, with two hundred thousand tourists shouting all around you. Go to the Sistine Chapel, but also get lost in the streets, wander down alleyways, feel free to look for something, without knowing what it is. I swear you will find it and that it will change your life.

Somehow, it inspired me. Life is an adventure and it's all about exploring things, places, and stuff. Life is, in other words, widening our horizon 

So now that I'm feeling a little uplifted, I wanted to share this photos that I got from mikyu and ainee's multiply account    This was during our IP Tour last Saturday 

1st stop: Paul Yu Philippines Corporation.... [ako sa right, si Mikyu sa left]

 2nd stop: Shemberg... kahit pinagalitan kami dito, okay parin 

 3rd stop: Danao Paper Mill

4th stop: Danao Sugar Mill...

I was one of the organizers for this IP Tour and it feels so great that after everything, it's all worth it...kahit medyo nagkabuhol-buhol ng kunti   Thank you, guys! 
And to our mentors, Sir Ritche and Sir Donn, ang saya-saya talaga.  

And to my dear Hacienderas, that was another frozen moment. I'm glad I had to share it with you, guys! Everything was woth a king's ransom, or perhaps even more 

See more at mikyu's multiply    malulula kayo sa dami ng pictures 

22 February 2009

Security is a Must

Sunday, February 22, 2009 Posted by Aimee 5 comments
I used to ask my friend about sone stuff with regards to internet security and blah-blah-blah... She sort of mention something about a proxy site would help, or a vpn..  i was not really acquainted with that before and i got curious XD

So i learned that....
VPN allows us to access a network via an IP address different from the one that connects our computers to the internet   

So there, I decided to try it and search about it further. Waaaaaah! I learned, really. Before, I had problems with those viruses you get through the internet. And isn't it annoying? Well, it's super annoying, and it get's to the bones, really.  So I found here the World Secure Channel or WSC. Hhhhhmmm.. I'm giving it a try since they have this Malware and Viruses Protection. Perfect!  Here are some of themalware sites that they have blocked... Bountiful!

You can also try it for yourself  

I hope you also learned something.. weeeeehhh! :D

14 February 2009

Valentine's Day ♥

Saturday, February 14, 2009 Posted by Aimee 23 comments
First of all, Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)
I was looking for images over the internet to match this day and this is the simplest i could get....

Well, today is, as they call it, a Hearts' Day.. Big deal!!!
There was nothing out-of-the-usual happened this day, except that Eugene gave me flowers. Five roses to be particular. :) Last year, he also gave me three, i think. And the prettiest rose was the one I kept and placed between the pages of my Geometry book. And if you'll ask why Geometry, I don't have any idea. Probably because it was the thickest book I had that time... hahaha... Now, I'm wondering where I should place these five luscious red roses... hhhmmmmm... hhhmmmm... :)

Another thing, I went to Super Metro Mandaue this afternoon to get my newly-purchased book, Rising Tides by Nora Roberts, from Rachelle (click on the name to see more for-sale books on her multiply account)   It was raining and the jeepney Eugene and I rode into did not stop in the exact spot for the entrance so we were somewhat caught under the rain for a little while. So now I'm blaming it for my stubborn colds, that turned into the most annoying runny nose that caused my eyes to go teary... Well, there's nothing else to blame, right? 

Okay, enough of today's downside.. I just want to tell the world that soon my sister's going to give birth to her first bouncing baby boy or girl    We don't know the baby's gender yet. And I'm head-over-heels excited about my first pamangkin. Weeeeeehhh! Congratz to my sister and her beloved hubby, Kuya Loren 

...in her fifth month of pregnancy (don't mind the painting above.. hahaha)... They say we look exactly alike.. So now, you judge

Also, a countless thanks to mikyu for making my day yesterday It was priceless!!!

Waaaahhhhhh!  Don't know how to end this.. I'll share the news nalang that almost shook my day [i read this from Cristy's plurk] 

Baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 but looks more like eight, became a father four days ago when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne.....

Click here for more info...

So there.. again, Happy Valentine's Day everyone