14 February 2009

Valentine's Day ♥

Saturday, February 14, 2009 Posted by Aimee 23 comments
First of all, Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)
I was looking for images over the internet to match this day and this is the simplest i could get....

Well, today is, as they call it, a Hearts' Day.. Big deal!!!
There was nothing out-of-the-usual happened this day, except that Eugene gave me flowers. Five roses to be particular. :) Last year, he also gave me three, i think. And the prettiest rose was the one I kept and placed between the pages of my Geometry book. And if you'll ask why Geometry, I don't have any idea. Probably because it was the thickest book I had that time... hahaha... Now, I'm wondering where I should place these five luscious red roses... hhhmmmmm... hhhmmmm... :)

Another thing, I went to Super Metro Mandaue this afternoon to get my newly-purchased book, Rising Tides by Nora Roberts, from Rachelle (click on the name to see more for-sale books on her multiply account)   It was raining and the jeepney Eugene and I rode into did not stop in the exact spot for the entrance so we were somewhat caught under the rain for a little while. So now I'm blaming it for my stubborn colds, that turned into the most annoying runny nose that caused my eyes to go teary... Well, there's nothing else to blame, right? 

Okay, enough of today's downside.. I just want to tell the world that soon my sister's going to give birth to her first bouncing baby boy or girl    We don't know the baby's gender yet. And I'm head-over-heels excited about my first pamangkin. Weeeeeehhh! Congratz to my sister and her beloved hubby, Kuya Loren 

...in her fifth month of pregnancy (don't mind the painting above.. hahaha)... They say we look exactly alike.. So now, you judge

Also, a countless thanks to mikyu for making my day yesterday It was priceless!!!

Waaaahhhhhh!  Don't know how to end this.. I'll share the news nalang that almost shook my day [i read this from Cristy's plurk] 

Baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 but looks more like eight, became a father four days ago when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne.....

Click here for more info...

So there.. again, Happy Valentine's Day everyone 


  1. ang sweet naman nih eugene!! hehehe.. i'm glad you had a romantic valentine's day...
    and good luck to your sis!!! you really do look almost exactly alike..

    what did mikyu did yesterday diay?

    about that Alfie guy... woaaaaah!!!! ang bata pah!! and he really does look 8!!!! at ang gf nya, no comment... it's just so unbelievable!!

  2. I got the link through Plurk and I can't believe the news either :s It's really crazy. That boy looks really young, even waaay younger than the mother of the kid! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Yay for the flowers. I'm not too fond of flowers and Nino knows that so he didn't bother giving me any today :p

    Congrats to your sister and to you for having your first ever pamangkin!

  3. Happy V-day. I personally am not a lover of the holiday myself. I'm not bitter I just don't have a history of success so I don't associate the day with romance. If it weren't for my husband I would ignore this "holiday" all together. I am trying to get gain a new perspective, and it helps that I'm so in love with my honey. Besides men in love do the some amazing things: )

    This is my first time visiting. When I saw the picture i got confused and thought it was you so I say you look a lot a like. But now that I can compare the pictures you defiantly aren't twins.

  4. hello. happy v-day! wow, you received many roses! tsktsk ,why geometry? anyways, i hope your sis wont have a hard time givin birth, and i hope she'll have a healthy baby!.. the news is soo unbelievable (end part).. tsktsk. stay inlove:)


  5. wow ang sweet naman! Buti pa kau may romantic moment, d kami makalabas ng baby ko eh hehe layo ko kasi. Anyway, happy valentines day! Mwah!

  6. how sweet...Happy Valentine's Day! still Feb 14th my time :-)

    Mandaue diay ka?

    Happy weekend.

  7. char! Ka.char gud ni kapitan oval! Wahahaha. Pero btaw, he's so sweet! Ayeee! G.kilig ko aimz, wai bnuang! Ga.imagine lng ku how he gave it ba. Nyahahaha! XD

    It was a nice moment yestrnight aimz. I'm glad we had it. (ngee? Mura'g double meaning sahh? Wahahaha.) I became more open pd. Wahaha! This is so char na talaga! XD

    I also read about alfie na. I got d link from tt's status in ym. Haha. Ataka btaw. He's very young pa jd! Tsk. ;p

    Good luck ni ate rhoda! Sana healthy yung baby nya! Myta pd liwat nn.u! Hekhek. :D

  8. 5 roses? from your bf?

    hehe and yeah, i also read about that news .. sa plurk ko unang nakita ung link.

    grabe.. shock ako.

  9. hello. :) happy valentines day. hope you have a healthy and cute baby. and i hope i'll have too someday!

  10. haha naks dumadami ang flowers na bnbgay nya ah hehehe skn naman.. my bf didnt gave me flowers.. good thing he didnt ksi ayaw ko AHHAHA :) he believes he has given me 3 times of flowers na.. and that's enuf.. cuz it means I LOVE U = = 3 lol haha

  11. ewwww labx2 pwex2
    check out my posts whwhahahahaahah

    in my blogspot & Wordpress

    So sweet of your guy to give you flowers! What book mo naman po iipit yung flowers this time? >:) Congrats to your ate for being preggy. You really look the same. :P I was like, WTF when i read the article. :| :))

  13. swerte nman. ahhahahaha ~ sana aku din may gnun :P

    yeah. magkamukha nga kau :))and goodluck sa pangnganak nya ^__^

    btw, ung alfie.. grabe no? mukhang super bata pa e. tsk tsk tsk..

  14. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Congratulations to your sister and her husband.
    Yeah, you and she do look quite alike, at least judging by those two photos! :)
    As for the 13 year old boy who became as father, wow, that's crazy! I kind if feel sorry for his daughter, having such young parents, but hopefully they'll be ok.

  15. Happy valentines day!

    COngratss to the new born baby.. hehehehe


  16. belated hearts day sis!
    wow! ang sweet ni boyfie sis..
    ako hindi binigyan ng flowers ni nhe, kaasar..marami na daw kasi syang nagastos sa akin eh..heehee!

    congrats to your sister sis, akala ko ikaw yon buti na lang binasa ko yong entry mo..eheehee! :)

  17. Everyday is always a normal day to me, what ever the occasion is... but experiencing something special on a holiday such as Vday should really be appreciated,, hehehe

  18. belated happy V-day! :D I didn't get flowers kasi I requested na wag yun gift sakin. Ang KJ ko talaga. XD Anyway, ganun din ginagawa ko sa roses, iniipit sa book! :D

    Congrats sa ate mo! :D hehe kamukha mo nga siya! :D

    Nabasa ko nga sa plurk about the 13yo father... grabe lang...nakakaloka. XD

  19. belated happy v-day! yes, i think you and your sister do look a like ;)
    good luck to her...for the last 4 months of her pregnancy :)

  20. beLated happy vaLentine's day sis.. sorry for the Late comment.. wLa rn masyadong nangyari samin ng bf ko that day.. greetings Lang hehe.. sweet nman ng bf mo may fLowers pa.. wee.. gusto rin sana ko biLhan ng fLowers ng bf ko kaso hindi pa dumadating ung pera nya.. haha.. pag gusto ko rin ung fLowers iniipit ko rin cya sa books ko.. pero petaLs Lng.. hindi kasama ung stem haha.. :) congrats to your sis.. sana baby girL.. and yah.. magkamukhang magkamukha kayo :)

  21. Happy Valentine's Day always 4 u Aimee... Hopefully the best 4 u always

  22. omg u do look exactly alike, i was thinking, omg she's preggy pla? haha kalooka.. happy valentines! hahaha ang cute may kamuka ka ako walang sis.. so i dont really see myself with another sibling hehe

  23. Goodluck sa ate mo. Hehehe. Bookbug ka nga sis. Woot. Belated Happy Valentines. Superduper late na. HEHEHE.