29 March 2009

Rundown of Randomness :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009 Posted by Aimee 22 comments
Sorry for not updating regularly, guys. :(
You see, I'm in my hometown, Southern Leyte, for the week. And our laptop here broke or something. Basta it's not working. So I have to go to the nearest internet cafe to conform with this addiction.. hell yeah, surfing.. the net XD [good thing, nasa tabi lang ng bahay namin yung cafe!!]

SO ayun! It's totally boring here, which makes me miss school SO MUCH!! Our enrollment for the Summer classes will be on the 4th of the next month, and that would translate to NEXT WEEK [or considered THIS WEEK na ba yun?] Basta, April 4!! [well, that was the date on the bulletin, i just hope it's true!] Yeah, I'm super excited na Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org
I don't loathe this place naman. It's just that, wala talaga magawa. Like all I have to do is sleep-eat-sleep-tv-eat....blah2x!! Good thing, I brought a lot of books here. I mean, 6 books. That's a lot naman, right?? Here....

Sea Swept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Blue are the books that consist the Chesapeake Bay Saga. I haven't started reading eh! Siguro bukas na.. He he he! I think those are really good books XD maganda kasi yung synopsis or something like that. And favorite books yan ng isang kong bookworm friend. So those must be really good! Tested and Proven na kasi, eh XD oh well! :) And that Romeo and Juliet, that was the one I bought online. ha ha ha! I don't know bakit ko binili yan. I was just curious!... The Deception Point naman, I just borrowed it from my classmate XD
So ayun, good luck to me

Also, binilhan ako ni mama ng tatlong sketch books yesterday!!.. yes yes, tatlo talaga!! Ewan ko kung bakit tatlo... hahaha.. So ayun, self-image talaga una ko ginawa.. Sabi nila maganda daw.. Hmmmm.. May potential XD ha ha ha!!!

And dun sa nag-text at nagtanong if I'm in Cebu right now.. No, I'm not in Cebu! But I wish I am Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

To end this post, share ko lang! One of my friends texted me ngayon lang talaga.. Here it goes:

Did you know that in England in the 19th century...
Failed suicides were punishable by death?!?!
ha ha ha! wala lang.. ako'y natawa lang.. What a punishment talaga! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

27 March 2009

24 March 2009

Calling for help :(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Posted by Aimee 15 comments
How would you feel if one morning someone would just wake you up to tell that one of your friends [say, one of your close friends] is fighting for his life?? 

It was only a text message that I received but it was purely devastating.... Actually, four people sent me the same message.. and here it is.....

Ney really needs our prayers right now..
You know he had bone cancer in High School, right?

Now, the cancer is attacking his lungs, and according to the doctor, it's FAST spreading :(
The doctor said that if not for his very young age, he wouldn't advise chemotherapy anymore because the cancer is really spreading rapidly..
Now, NEY has just finished his first chemo session..
He's really weak right now but he's fighting!!

you know he's been a good friend to you..
if you don't, ask one of his friends and s/he will tell you how NEY DOESN'T DESERVE this..

Let's pray for NEY's complete healing..
EVERYDAY at 6pm..
Surely, that Somebody up there will hear our joint hearts..

PLEASE pass to Josephinians, Maasinhons and everyone who's willing to help..
thanks :)

So what do you think I did feel after reading this?... Go figure...

Well, Ney Floren Cadavos, or more commonly known as Ney, was my classmate in high school and he's a friendly person. He smiles a lot and he's fun to be with. He was an athlete...and a very good one, so to speak. He was one of the best badminton players in our time and it hurts to know that he can't play anymore because, as what was stated in the message, he had that freakin' bone cancer which impede him to play. Plus, one of his legs was cut so that the cancer cells wouldn't spread to his other body parts. It was super duper sad... 

He was also an excellent student. But, then again, the cancer made him stop schooling for a while. He continued high school two years after the incident.. You see, he is a fighter.. God must be testing his strength.. Yeah, He must have loved Ney so much. 

And now, on Ney's new battle, I'm asking you to help us pray for him. It's the most we could do right now....

Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will opened for you. For the one who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened. -Luke 11:9-10


I would also like to thank Ate Rhoda for this....  I feel like crying everytime I read it. Thank you so much. I know you understand why I'm feeling this way... You are the best sister any one could ever hope for. And I love you so much for that... See you after summer. I'm super excited for baby Izzy 

Moving :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Posted by Aimee 1 comment

Well, anyone here who remembered Bella Swan from Twilight? Ha ha ha! Before you get the wrong idea, this post isn't about her. I just remembered that, according to the book, she lived in Phoenix Arizona before she moved to Forks, right?

Yeah, Arizona is a sunny place. It's like here in the Phiilippines. So if I move there, in terms of the weather condition, there won't be a lot of adjustments to do, right, earthlings? I'll just need a little help from SFP to find a nice place to stay. I might also visit the Grand Canyon National Park. ha ha ha! oh well...

I'm getting curious with Phoenix, by the way. Yeah, I was a fan of Twilight and it was mentioned how sunny it was there. I don't know why but, somehow, I want to escape this place and move somewhere else...like, abroad. *Silly me!* But it must be somewhere sunny, like here. Sometimes I hate the cold because I easily get colds. :) You know, the sneezing part is so frustrating.

Yeah, Arizona's part of my move-to list now :) 

21 March 2009

Congratulations :D

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted by Aimee 20 comments
 I just want to congratulate my dear cousin, Mary Glee Segun for being a Magna Cum Laude

She was an Accountancy student from the University of San Carlos and she graduated yesterday. Well, the full five years was indeed a fruitful journey for her.

But I was not able to attend her graduation because we, D' Hacienderas, were at Leslie's the whole day yesterday doing our company study report or something of that sort... Another thing, maximum of two persons lang yung required na mag-attend.. hahaha, correct me if I'm wrong 

So I only texted Ate Glee yesterday because I never really thought that I could come to their house or somewhere... And I was not invited, in the first place!! hahahaha..

But at 6pm, while I was on my way to my boarding house, she suddenly called me. She told me to go to the Grand Majestic for dinner... *there, I'm officially invited na!*  ... I was excited since, for the record, it would be my first time at the Grand Majestic, hahahaha *silly*....but I was panicking also because she said that almost everyone was there already and I haven't changed my clothes yet. I was still riding on a jeepney for god's sake. I don't want to be the super late to arrive so I was practically running to my boarding house when I reached Talamban. I was on rush that I didn't even picked the right outfit, *I think!*  I wore the same polo as the one on my previous post, the one I bought at multiply, coupled with a pair of jeans and sandals 

I was expecting that everyone wore formal attires. But when I arrived there, *boo!*, I was not an odd-woman-out after all. Actally, almost everyone nga was wearing jeans  Well, that's a good thing, thank God!

I also realized that I was not the one with the super-duper-late award. It was given to Ate Glee's boyfie who arrived at around 8pm. Oh well!! XD What can I say?.. God spared me from shame again.. 

Hahahaha.. I really had a great time last night. Plus, the tummy was soooo full that I could not almost breathe. What with all those grubs, though I remembered only ten, whose tummy would not burst?!?

Also, yesterday was also the first time my cousins had seen me wearing my eye glasses. They said it suits me well. [gonna share the photos nalang next time] Ha ha ha! *vain much?*  Well, I don't really think it's something to revel about because they only emphasized how near-sightedness and astigmastism suit me very well  

Ha ha ha! it's okay. I'll look at the brighter side of wearing glasses nalang XP *and me not telling* XP Weeeeeehhh! 

weeeehh! a new domain for summer?!?

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted by Aimee 2 comments

So here, the purpose of this post is, let's say crucial.. ha ha!

Seriously, I'm planning of buying a domain, probably this summer, and I'm still weighing my options here. I'm still thinking of the domain name and, of course, I'm looking for a new web hosting service that's really worth the price. Good thing I found this webhostingrating.com that, obviously from the name itself, provides customer ratings of top ten web hosting companies.

To those who are planning of buying a new domain or looking for a new web hosting service, thank me for sharing this. ha ha! Just kidding, guys! :) Well, according to this site, Just Host holds the Rank 1. It's got unlimited space as well. SO what do you, guys, think? :)

WebHostingRating.com also listed the Best Web Hosting Awards as of March 2009 in various categories. :) Globat.com was voted as the Best Blog Hosting.. hmmmm.. Now, it's really making me think *confused* Well, there are still a lot to consider here.

So what do you think, bloggers? Which is which? :)

See, I told you it's crucial *wink*

Looking for the best credit cards :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments

Credit cards are like a must-have nowadays.. haha, wanna bet?!?

Seriously, it's a must-have especially to those who love to shop since it's much safer than bringing cold cash, eh?!? But finding the right credit card could be confusing, right? Especially when you have to deal with those privileges and stuff. You want to avail of those that offers low interest rates. Well, low interest credit cards are so light to bear. We have less worries.

And for me, since I don't have a credit card yet, I'm thankful that I found this dealsforcreditcards.com. It's really helpful, guys. You see, this site makes credit card comparisons making it easy for us to choose. You can search various brands here, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.

Dealsforcreditcards.com even have this Editor's Choice for Low Interest, Editor's Choice for Instant Approval, et cetera. :)

For now, I'm still weighing my options. I'm thinking about Mastercard, but I also likeVisa. It's somehow promising. You see, my friends are using Visa and I'm also inspired by it's commercials over the television. ha ha! *silly me

So here, I'm gonna browse the site muna for additional information :)

..This Post Sponsored by DealsForCreditCards..

19 March 2009

Okay to Free Dating!?!

Thursday, March 19, 2009 Posted by Aimee 5 comments

Hey guys! I'm back here.. I really miss the online world. I've been out for three days, I think. You know, with all those exams for the finals, un-wavered effort was badly needed. And now that almost everything's finished, I'm here again. Almost because we still have this sort-of company study for our Methods Laboratory. But I'm gonna crash here for hours first to kill this boredom XD

I was browsing some sites a couple of minutes ago and stumbled on this online dating one. Actually, I'm not really a fan of this free dating stuff online because I believe that proximity is one thing that builds a relationship. Hahaha! Yeah, I learned that way back God knows when, even before I took Psychology this semester. LOL.. But that subject really helped a lot.

So with this online dating, I'm not one for it though, but some of my cousins are that they even stay up late at night just to chat with their new found "friends". Sometimes I don't understand them but I couldn't care less about it anyway :)

And thinking about them and the site that I found, I think it's a perfect match :D Gonna tell them na. I know they would love it. It's something like a social networking site, only it's more for single women and single men :) You can also try it if your into this kind of stuff :)

And it's easy to navigate. There's a quick search located at the right side bar and you just input your gender, age range along with the religion, country and location, depending on your level of preference :) Amazing enough! :) It's like customizing a bracelet, ain't it?!

So this would be all for now :) gonna bloghop muna XD take care guys :D

14 March 2009

Emotions and Awards <3

Saturday, March 14, 2009 Posted by Aimee 12 comments
***Warning: This is a non-sense post, or I don't know. I just want to let this thing off my chest...

So there! Last Thursday was a total emotion-whirlwind day!

  • By morning - excited, because we were going to celebrate Shalee's 20th birthday.
  • Before noon - busy mode.. Preparing for the stuffs that we would use (balloons, costumes, etc.). 
  • Noon - high-spirited.. PAAARRRTTTTYYYY!!! (It was a kiddie so we were dressed accordingly!) We played PaperDance, Hep-hep-hurray (like the one we see in the noon-time show, Wowowee.),  Egg-Catching (I don't know the actual name for that game. Basta it was played with a partner and the every successful catch would mean another step backward. My partner here was Mikyu. And we won!!!  Lastly, we had the Charade. We didn't win here but it was all fun nevertheless XD

    • Afternoon - Anxious for the oral exam in Psychology..
    • 4:30pm - Dumb-founded. When the teacher called me, I was dumbstruck! My mind went blank. Maybe I lost focus because I was thinking something else before she mentioned my name. So I stood there looking so STUPID!!! Only to realize, after I took my seat, that the question was only a matter of reality which was so easy. And I felt stupid even more.  
    • Night - Mixed Emotions   

    ***I would also like to thank Jessa for giving me these awards XD She's so great :) 

    • Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers
      1. GOD
      2. my family (mom, dad, Ate Rhoda, and lola)
      3. yusuke and the rest of the family
      4. D' Hacienderas
      5. close relatives
      6. my offline & online friends
      7. Johnny Depp

      Now I want to pass this to:
      Mikyu, Shalee, Leslie, Ate Ava, Ate Tin, Zyza, Aisha
      • You deserve it, guys! And I love your blogs, too <3>

08 March 2009

Another boring Sunday.....

Sunday, March 08, 2009 Posted by Aimee 18 comments
         It suddenly came to me that my blog looked a little stale. So I decided to change the layout :) It's a simple lang kasi super tamad talaga akong pagandahin 'to.... I applied the layout yesterday and ngayon ko lang in-alter yung mga colors and stuff :)

         Well, it's a Sunday, which translates that it's a NO-CLASS day and it's boring. My only consolation ngayon is the internet. Kaya I'm here in front of the PC and browsing some stuff over multiply. Hhhhmmm... I'm thinking of buying something again   The last thing I purchased there was a plaid polo and it arrived last Wednesday, I think. And I used it agad in our Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Research Forum last Friday  Nakakatuwa kami kasi polo yung trip.. Here...
  Wala dito sa pic yung iba kasi hindi sila nag-polo   

         Ayun, the forum was fun. Kaya lang may boring parts. Probably because walang nag-isip ng mga intermission and stuff para naman somehow, ma-energize kami. And the way they distributed the snacks, it's not systematic. And to think it was an IE forum, talagang nakaka-annoy! Akalain mo namang iba yung line for the food, iba rin yung sa drinks

And yeah, before I forget :) Thank you to Janile  I really appreciate her gift. She's so thoughtful 

             So, 'til here na lang muna.  I'm gonna work on something else pa eh! School stuffs, if you would ask. Talagang nakakapagod. Haaaaaaaayyy! Sorry, guys, if I wasn't able to bloghop for a couple of days, sobrang busy talaga eh... Hayaan nyo, after nito lahat, go go go na talaga