18 November 2010


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I have lots of friends that are nursing students. So I'm pretty much familiar with the nursing scrub uniforms that they wear. And I tell you, I'm not very happy to see it. I've always wanted to have a bright and happy outlook in life. I've always wanted colorful things, and their medical scrubs and uniforms are plain and simple. Oh! What the...

Well, I'm not really sure if medical uniform stores here in our place have the ones that I have in mind. I think I only found them on the Internet, except for those customized medical suits.
I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, and there's this one episode that Derek Shepherd used a lovely medical cap or something of that sort. It looks fantastic on him.

I guess it makes medical people look less intimidating, especially if the doctors or nurses are assigned in the pediatric section. The kids love a colorful sight. Don't you agree? If I were a kid and I look at Arizona Robbins with her clipped-on-the-collar stuff toys, I would be extremely delighted. She always has this way of making kids at ease.


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