14 December 2009

My Christmas Wish-list

Monday, December 14, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
Christmas Day is fast approaching, isn't it? And it had already started to get cold. Somehow, I am thankful that there's no Air Conditioner in the boarding house that I'm staying, though it's still cold because there are plenty of trees here..

Anyway, it's only 11 days before Christmas Day and, I think, today is not too late to start my Christmas Wish List. I'm sure you already did yours. Right?? :P Ha ha ha! I know, I'm just late...
Actually, there are lots of things that I want, (oh! I'm sorry, Lord, for being a bit materialistic. I'm just human. I also want things that I can hold.) but let me just share to you my top five :)) [in random order]

1. Mac Book Pro - Well, who doesn't want one? It is super slim, super light, super durable. Whoah! Pure love... Ha ha ha! Is this available on E-Bay? I would love to bid.

2. Digital SLR - Recently, one of my friends purchased a second-hand DSLR (Canon EOS-20D), still in good quality condition. And, mind you, it's only for twenty-three thousand pesos (roughly, 500 USD). Imagine how jealous I was. The market price for that said camera is almost $2000. It's really a good buy. I just hope it's available on some unique auction sites, and it would cost cheaper. *dream on*

3. Apple iPod - I am truly a musically-inclined person. And during this Holiday season, it's really perfect to just relax, sit on the couch and have your music-hungry ears fed.

4. Complete Set of the Harry Potter Series - Everybody knows that I have an insatiable lust for books. I have always loved reading. Well, there are still other books that I so want to acquire, but that HP collection is on top of my list.. Yeah, I have read every book in that series, but I just borrowed. And, now, I want to have my own set displayed on my shelf.. Ha ha ha! Isn't it lovely? I'm imagining it right now :P

5. A FREE Asian Cruise - Who doesn't want this??? Tell me :P


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