01 February 2009

Reality Bites

Sunday, February 01, 2009 Posted by Aimee 3 comments
This post is for people out there who suffered the same fate as mine... hahaha.. But i was off that track a long time ago and realized for myself that life has to move on. I hope this thing would bring awareness to some who took delight over petty fantasies. XD

I know it hurts to no longer be loved by the one you love. I know it hurts to no longer be wanted by the one who use to worship the ground you walked upon. I know it hurts to be dumped by the one who used to follow you like a lovesick puppy around town.
But denial will not help you get through this crisis in your life.
It is difficult to accept that you are no longer wanted, that you are no longer thought of, that you are no longer missed. It’s easier to fool yourself into thinking that he still thinks of you day and night, that he busies himself daily, devising strategies to bring you and that only his pride is stopping him from holding you in his arms.
But please wake up!
Misinterpreting his words and actions, concocting wild theories about why he still hasn’t picked up the phone to call you, closing your eyes to the fact that he is already seeing someone else, won’t bring him back.
It hurts, I know, but it’s time to face the truth: He no longer loves you.
It’s over. It was over long before it ended. And you knew it, but you pretended. And so did he. But the time for pretense is long gone past. It’s time to face up to the cold, hard facts. It’s time to start picking up the pieces of your life. It’s time to stop lying to yourself.
So stop making ridiculous excuses to pick up the phone to call him. Stop driving by his place in hopes that you may accidentally catch a glimpse of him. You’re torturing yourself. And stop saying, “I just want to be his friend.”
You don’t want to be his friend. You would have already been his friend long time ago, the day you officially parted, in fact. But care to take a guess why he still avoids you like plague?
It’s because you’re not very convincing! If you wanted to be his friend, you would leave him alone. You would stop monitoring his movements. You would stop tracking him around town. These are not exactly the overtures of a concerned friend plotting a romantic unification.
You really want to be his friend? As a gesture of good faith, give the guy some breathing space. Stop lurking around his neighborhood. Stop interrogating his friends. Stop offering yourself as a Valentine, birthday, or Christmas present. It’s over. He’s not coming back. Or haven’t you realized it yet?
Hope springs eternal. I know it till the he asks for God’s blessing and takes a bride. And it’s your prerogative to wait for him, forever if you desire.
But why do this to yourself?
Why subject yourself to such indignities? Why continue to hanker for a man who couldn’t care less if you were dead or alive? Do you think so little of yourself? Why live for morsels of affection thrown your way when you could find love in its splendor with another man?
There’s a whole universe of unattached men out there who could love you much better than he. Let this one go. You deserve to love and be loved again. But this one cannot happen till the day you let go of the past and live in the present.
Fantasy delights, I know. And reality bites.
But it’s time to wake up. You’ve been dreaming too long.


  1. aimee! di ko kabasa..gmay au font 0_0 sensya sa buta hehehe

  2. Hehe.. naalala ko naman ang AKO before LOL Thanks for sharing, buti nlng I've gotten over this dillema na hehe