04 February 2009

movies haven :D

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 Posted by Aimee , 11 comments
I am a movie lover. I guess almost everyone is, right?!?
And there's this one movie that I still haven't seen. I heard this from my high school friend, Ladie.
I really got interested with this thing. I don't know why. She just told me the plot and that Ryan Philippe was one of the casts. whoah! He's just so handsome that I can only stare at him.

Anyways, I've been searching for this movie everywhere. But, since this movie was so yesterday already, I haven't found a copy. So I decided to search for it online. And ahhhhhhhhh!! I found it! I found it! After 40 years of searching, even through the net. Actually, I found a link before but it was not the full thing and I did not want to settle for the incomplete one, with the part 1, part 2, and so on. It just so lame.
But now I found it already, and the full movie... weeeeehhhh! I'm just so happy... Thanks to Movies Planet.

Now I can watch movies with less hassles. And their videos are so clear.. hahaha
And since we're friends, I wanna share this movie to you all. This is one on my A-Lists!!! XD XD XD

You can even change your layout, by the way. You can view my profile here. But it's still under construction since I only joined yesterday, so please bear with me. :D
I'm loving this site since searching for  my favorite videos is just a click away.

And to those who love watching tv series here, it's also a perfect site.
Stay updated with the current  shows and stuff :D

Here are some of the things you can do in movies planet:
Watch Weeds Online

Watch LOST Season 5

and for my current-favorite shows:
Grey's Anatomy
Gossip Girl
Kyle XY 

My soon-to-watch list:
One Tree Hill


  1. hahaha.. nindot bya xa kyu.. wala na sad ko lain ma-huna2x-an.. hehehe

  2. waaaa..i had an original VCD of that movie but somehow i lost it..one of the best movies i've ever seen..

  3. Wow. thank you for sharing! I might check that out. ang hirap kasi maghanap ng movies na mapapanood online. Ibat ibang sites pagpapanooran mo, then minsan expired na yung vids nung ibang parts ng movie.:( I hope mabilis din streaming dito,bagal lang kasi net ko. thanks thanks! :D

  4. OOOH!!! aus to!! Movie-holic pa naman ako ehehe thank you!!

  5. awww. salamat sa link! HAHA. alam mo ba? hindi ko parin tapos yung one tree hill hanggang ngayon. syete. di kasi kompleto sa side-reel.com. kaines. tapos gusto ko rin mapanood yung GG. kaya buti na lang! HAHA. thanks! :D

  6. aw!.. I myself is a movie geek. so thanks for sharing the site. hihi!

  7. oooh i love movies. i checked out the site but you have to sign up, right? it's all free, right? i'm just hesitant to go to these sites coz of viruses and whatnot. well, maybe it's worth trying! thanks!