22 August 2008

Kyle XY

Friday, August 22, 2008 Posted by Aimee No comments
This is Kyle XY.. obviously..
Well, just heard this from Eugene. Well, he and his pal, Angelo, actually. They've seen it first on Studio 23. And they said it's nice. I was so hooked up to Grey's Anatomy that time that I did not mind. I even thought that it was some kinda cartoon or anime thingy, you know the boy thingy.
Then one day :) I went to this DVD store with my friends and saw this cover on the DVD, the Kyle XY, and I was so thrilled because it was human, really. hahaha.. Well, not really human but doesn't matter, it's not caricature or something. So I bought it, watched it, and you know what happened next... hahaha..
I now have it's fourth season and I love it. The physics thingy, Kyle being so exceptional..
I don't mean to spoil things, so watch it for yourself... :D


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