20 January 2009

OMG! Charlie Green ♥ (and Dragonball Evolution)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Posted by Aimee , 7 comments
We, Filipinos, are greatly known for the many talents that we possess [charing!! totoo naman, dbah?]. Well, say, singers. Who wouldn't know Lea Salonga? Nicole Scherzinger of "The Pussycat Dolls"? etc.. etc..
and, oh yeah, Charice Pempengco... But I don't like her that much. I don't know why. Maybe [i think lang ha] she has the tendency to be conceited. Not that she doesn't have the right to be one, but....hhhmmmm.. I just don't like her, period..... :D

Anyways... uhm, Charlie Green!!! ring a bell?? [i bet almost everyone knows him already, right?]
Well, for those who know nothing about him, Charlie Green is the British-Filipino kid who wowed audiences of Britain’s Got Talent when he sang “Summer Wind”. He had everyone swaying to the music, and got such a merry standing ovation when he was done.
But Simon Cowell, one of the judges of The American Idol, made everything GREAT!!. His words rang sweetest, "Charlie, you are fantastic!!.." and something like, "Charlie, I think you're a little star. I REALLY, REALLY like you!"
 And to fully appreciate this boy wonder that amazed me, here is Charlie with Summer Wind....

Random Topic-ing again, i wanna share this trailer. Dragonball Evolution. hahaha.. I so love the caricature version of dragon ball, so i might also love the movie, directed by James Wong (Final Destination 3).
Click here for the overview of the movie :D


  1. charlie green is awesome! i seriously didn't expect that! hahaha! wuhooo! 5 stars! :D

    and dragonball evolution is also nice! mahahaha. nindot tan-awon. :)

  2. haha.. sorry sis.. but i reaLLy Like charice.. maybe i dunno her attitude.. but i Love her voice.. i dunno something about her aside from her stunning voice and that makes me Like her.. ^^ maybe she's getting conceited, i dunno.. aLL i want is her voice, haha.. i'm not watching abs-cbn kasi.. sa youtube ko Lng cya naririnig kumanta ^^ and yes charLie green's so amazing too... fiLipinos are reaLLy taLented ^^

  3. charlie green is so amazing and of course all of our other singers too...

  4. Maaajor Pinoy pride. Natutuwa ako sa mga Pinoy na ganyan eh, yung nakakacontribute ng something positive to how other people see Filipinos, ganun :) Thanks for sharing this!

  5. weeeeeeee.. Charlie Green :)) I love him so much!

  6. I don't like Charice Pempengco too. :s

    I don't know who Charlie Green is, until I watched the vid. thank you for sharing! Boy wonder indeed! :D

    I have seen the dragonball trailer already. I hope the movie won't suck. All the anime turned live-action movies I'd seen all sucked. :(

  7. Atleast kahit mejo uminit ang ulo ko sa Fil version ng Twilight, eto naman ang pambawi. I don't like Charice that much, too. Haha. But she's very talented, I won't contradict on that. Charlie Green? Is this the gorgeous kiddo? Ay gwapo toh eh! Haha. At magaling sya kumanta!