04 January 2009

Caught in the middle...

Sunday, January 04, 2009 Posted by Aimee 13 comments
Well, the title says it all. It's my cousin and her boyfriend, or should I say, ex-boyfriend. SHE's my close cousin and HE turned to be close friend as well. So here's the story... [i'll use HE and SHE, for confidentiality's sake]

HE and SHE were together for over six years already. SHE was only 17 when they started dating. And now, she's already 23. So you could say that she grew up with him and the bond would suppose to be like "unbreakable." But the we-really-have-no-control-over-things got in the way and the unexpected happened. Actually, it's just recently. I think,  before Christmas eve or sometime before Christmas. And who would not be shocked? HE was already like a family to us.

SHE said that there was this person who kept on texting her claiming that he was Arnel or Ariel something, that they were old colleagues. It annoyed her, SHE told me.

And to make things worse, last month, on that "sometime before Christmas", HE had sent a message to her or rather missent a message. [No need to state it!]...And that's how SHE started to feel something dubious. And that's when that Arnel or Ariel, the hell that he was, claimed to be a girl and she's HE's girlfriend, that they're together of almost two years already...
Well, well, the usual confrontations happened. And HE admitted it true somehow. [well, i've always known him as an honest being.]........ They broke up after that! [that easy because it's kind of a long-distance affair. HE's in working in Qatar for over a year now.]
I'm SHE's cousin, so you could guess how I reacted.

BUT, but, but.... I got the chance to talk to HIM. I asked him how things went wrong, what part of their relationship was wrong that it compelled him to have a "spare-fling" and so on.... And then HE told me that he was always loyal to her before. It even came to a point that he was like worshipping the ground she walked upon. And after work, he went to her house just so they could be together and to prove that she's the only one. But she keeps on complaining. She's so jealous. Even with us, her cousins. Whenever we got close to him she went green-eyed. For all those years that they were together, she hadn't really trusted him. Time came that HE became so fed up with her, with the complains, the jealousy, the lack of trust, et cetera...So that's when he started with his spare fling...

So, there. They're both close to me and really, I'm not mad at him or something.
They're both wrong, right?!?! And I'm not on anybody's side..
I just don't think that my cousins will understand that I  sort of pity him. He's such a good person and all. And now he's taking all the blame. He's tells his family, whenever they ask how it happened, that it's all his fault... Well, if I were in his shoes, I would do the same. Everybody blames him. Might as well give them the benefit of the doubt, eh? Anyway, no one would listen if he explains his side now since my cousin looks so....pitiful. Well, she's a girl. And girls are supposed to look that way after such a break-up. hahaha..

Well, what do you think?


  1. Hmm.. If the guy doesn't love her anymore, hayaan na lang yung guy.

    Mali nga siguro na nagkaron yung guy ng fling even if sila pa din nung girl, pero hayaan na lang siguro. Palipasin.

    At least, before nun, minahal naman talaga yung cousin mo nung lalake diba? I treasure and i-appreciate na lang yun. And feel happy for the guy na lang.

    If they still want to be together, pwede naman pagusapan ng maayos.

    Yun lang opinyon ko, hehe.

  2. yays! what a story.. i can relate to it somehow.. goodluck to both of them! I hope things would be smoother...

  3. wow,, that was something.. I do know it is hard to handle a long distance relationship, but HE should have at least make a clean break up before he even left.. such a gay act

  4. I can't believe something went wrong in their relationship after six years and it's so sad that you got caught in between. That's one of the reasons why I hate having that kind of situation coz eventually I know i'd end up confused.

    You did the right thing of not siding with anyone.

  5. @ tiniwini: ayaw na daw kasi ng pinsan ko. napapagod na daw xa... kakaawa nga.. sabi pa naman ni HE, love pa niya si SHE :D

  6. yeh, i might as well say it's the fault of them both. the girl should've trusted the guy coz that's what love is, right? ayan tuloy nangyari. tsk. :(

  7. what a sad story... sayang ang 6 years. pero kung talagang sawa nman na pinsan mo, it's better to let go na lang.

    sana hindi mangyari sa kin yan *pray*

    OT: care to link ex?

  8. Well, I guess both of them has their own mistake. sayang naman ang relationship nila, antagal na nila di pa nila inalagaan.

    ang mali lang dun ng guy is bakit hindi sya nakipag-break sa girl nung una pa lang, bago sya nagkaroon ng second affair. I mean, it's a bit unfair for the girl di ba? Imagine, for two years na niyang niloloko ang girl? IDK ha

  9. @ mikyu: importante talga yung trust, dbah?

    @ kristel: sure :)

    @ honeul: yeah! tinanong ko nga kung bakit pa nya pinatagal, mas lumaki tuloy yung problema...

  10. uhm.. what can i say? both of them shouLd be bLamed.. sana ung guy sinabi nLng ung totoo dun sa girL.. mas masakit kasi sa part ng girL pag niLoko cya diba? mas ok pa sakin kung sasabihin mo ung probLema sakin nung guy kesa Lokohin mo ko.. kung ako ung girL, it's much better dba? pareho Lang tuLoy siLa naka'gawa ng kasaLanan.. if it was toLd earLier ehdi sana naaus pa ung probLema niLa.. hay.. hahaba na tong comment ko.. basta un na un xD sorry.. antok na'ko eh..wee.. aLL i can say is.. SAYANG SILA.. if onLy.. yah.. if onLy..

  11. @ fei: yun na nga.. bakit kasi pinatagal pa... mas lalo tuloy lumaki...

  12. aw.. SAYANG.. so yeah, he did something reaLLy wrong.. he couLd have been honest with her.. i mean, to think.. ilang years na sila.. it isnt that difficuLt to say na meron cyang iba.. from there, they should have had the chance to work things out.. sana.. it's his fauLt he didnt say it.. on the other side naman, nobody's perfect.. she should have given him a chance to prove himself his love for her.. hindi biro ang six years.. and everybody cheats once in a whiLe..it's part of the reLationship..its part of the triaL.. oh.. aLL's weLL that ends weLL but not in this case.. sayang sila.. if i were her of him.. id stiLL try to work things out and just forget the past..

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