16 October 2009


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Oh yeah! Let's talk about books, e-books, and stuff. Everyone knows here how I love books. It's been my passion since grade school. Whenever I go to a mall or something, I never fail to locate bookstores just to satisfy my cravings. Yes, cravings because, I think, it's what you call for a longing that is so inevitable it could make you lose your senses if you don't get it. I know this is really silly, but who cares? It's my prerogative.

Anyway.. I have heard about this site in which they provide a search engine for PDFs. Yes, you heard that right. And when I say pdf, I mean the e-books. I am very thankful for this E-book Search Queen. They have this very wide range of collection. You just have to go to their site, type what you're looking for, and they'll search the pdf for you. How cool is that.

This is very easy, you know. You wanna give it a try? No problem. :)) Because I'm already trying it for myself.


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