31 August 2010


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We just had our International Industrial Engineering Conference last week. The event was held at Parklane Cebu International Hotel. There were
, I think, hundreds of participants. Since our school was the host, it was decided that all fourth year and fifth year Industrial Engineering students should attend. Plus, there other participants outside the university. You can only imagine how great the number of people who attended it. Well, it was International, so it was a little prestigious.
Good thing the organizers made use of the crowd control equipment/facilities to help monitor the traffic of people, especially during the registration and meal time, of course. Belt stanchions were of great help.

In our school, especially on the main campus, they use those colorful velvet ropes on the entrances. There were no proper gates there, unlike in our campus in Talamban, so they need more of those crowd control equipment. I don't know of those barricades, though. I'm not always there, so I cannot tell. I usually go there during Intramurals week or if the need arises. It's too far from where I am currently staying. So much for inconvenience, I guess.


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