26 September 2008

Exam-ful Day =(

Friday, September 26, 2008 Posted by Aimee No comments
  • 10:30am -- having Advanced Stat! sir gimena, as cute as ever! hahaha.. I just can't find it in my mind to focus. My mind is so occupied by the exams ahead. so much that it started to spill out.
  • 11:30am -- answering sample 4 in chapter 11.
  • 11:50am -- Publisher for IE Elec [lec]... boring! Always boring. It's something constant.. :(
  • My mind wanders a lot. Now it's heading to my bhaus. I see myself reading New Moon. I can't wait for edward to return, miss him so bad like i was bella. =(
  • Thermo exam was a so-so! The first number, I didn't know. I just peeked in Mikyu's answer and so I got close to the right one, just close though.. But I managed to get perfect for the second number, or so I believe. It was open-book-open-notes exam and I got the 2nd one in my notes. :)
  • 2:40pm -- [busy] Having oral exam in accounting...


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