25 September 2008

My Happy Thursday

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  • 3:10pm - Having Advanced Math, I can't understand a word, might as well ditch class, but i can't. I'm only counting on my attendance to pass... =(
  • Eugene texted that we meet in ayala for us to meet Nelson. But after a couple of minutes, there's a change of plan..
  • I could still feel the aftermath of the heated discussion an hour ago and I can't think straight. I'm furios in a way. Still furios..
Oh yeah! Humans do change their minds every now and then, especially with women. I don't know. I think it's just human nature. I now find myself listening to advanced math. I don't know why, but I just wanted to focus.

  • 4:15pm - We were on our feet for a walk--long walk actually--looking for a make-up artist (har har!). As we head our way south, in front of Cheaver's, we met Engilbert. Well, we're extremely surprised. We did the catching up talking and stuff. We missed him, really. You know, not having seen him for quite a century already. He looked almost exactly he same, except for the evident fact, he got healthier.
Lucky he offered some dessert. He's now working as a call center agent , so no biggie!
Jollibee was the closest dessert haven, so we went there. We talked and laughed, like we always did, [oh yeah!]-- like we always do, I should say. Most of us got sundae, so to speak... We had fun. :]

Going home was like bursting the bubble, but we had to. Jeff, Leslie and Shalee had to head further south. And I, Mikyu, Jo, Yo, and Bert went back to the school's direction. I had to go to Hyperlink and Bert to his friends' flat.

Eugene waited for me at Hyperlink and we surfed the net. I was having conversation with Leslie and Mikyu thru YM. But my mic or the headphone, I don't now, was not working well enough. My impatience elevated, so I decided to go home. I have thermo to study for. Well, I failed in my Mid-term, so I need to double up my effort for the last quiz tomorrow.


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