27 September 2008

Unexpected Twist

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  • 1:45am -- finish na sa New Moon. OKAY will just be an understatement. It's simply more than that. =)
  • I woke up at 6:45am and even just opening my eyes required great effort. Damn! I'm too weak to even think of waking.
           But eventually I did. I had to. So I hurried, I can't afford to be late. No, I don't want people staring at me the moment I reach the door.
            Luckily or unluckily [for my slumber's sake], Sir Embalzado was late. He made it at 9am and Plastic discussion followed (group discussion)...
            we had lunch at Lasang foodpark...
  • 12:30 -- study for Mechanics.. I'll be doomed! :(
  • 2:30 -- Time for Mechanics but no sir Larida yet..
  • I think he arrived at 3 or 3:30pm and we proceeded to room 247T. [No permanent room, just settled for the available ones.]... We had a little discussion.
  • 4:30 -- Time seems inevitable and so time's-up moments had its claim. The exam, I haven;'t studied well enough to survive that dreaded instant. But, to our surprise, it was like our Thermo, open-everything-you-can-open exam, which amazingly translates "legal cheating." It's not as bitter as it sounds, though. [well, for failing student's sake!]
        Anyway, it was legal cheating. So I'm not gonna be sentenced to a boundless guilt and regret if I was caught runnign around looking for answers.
I really coudn't grasp a thing and I hold myself responsible for that, since Mr. Larida clearly demonstrates thorough knowledge about the subject. It's probably me, I'm the problem here (mostly, if putting aside his "absenot" label). I easily got distracted, to the extent that the room started spinning as he spoke. ha ha ha!

I'm good at other things, nevertheless! :)


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