30 December 2008

December Highlight XD

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Posted by Aimee 6 comments
Well.. December!! What can I say? December is the most eventful month of the year, I suppose. We have this Christmas day and the Christmas parties with friends, with families, outings, etc.
And on the good-student side, we had this so-called seminar where we were divided into groups of five and our class consists of only 25 students. So that leaves us with only five groups. Every group is to conduct a company study of the three different industries assigned by the teacher. It was a tiring activity with, you know, finding industries and contacting them and they were so stubborn that they won't let us observe their processes and all. So we have to find another and so on. 
Also we have this last-minute attitude. We were like "pressured". ha ha ha! Whatever.
To make things short...We found three companies -- one for leather, gelatin, and feed mill. It was all fun. And the seminar was indeed a SUCCESS!(December 17, 2008) ha ha ha... And I had a treat to myself that day :)  

[I had a doughnut and ice cream. Yan lang kasi yung available that time. ha ha ha! medyo weird yung mukha ko dyan kasi hindi nag-count yung photographer.. hahaha.. oh well!]

And to sum up my December, here are the frozen moments XD

December 10 - BRITHDAY NI JEFF [one of the Hacienderos] XD
jeff with leslie (the girlfriend) XD
yellowcab.. ito yung treat ni jeff :D yummy yummy.. namiss din namin tong pizza :)
me, mikyu and shalee XD
solong solo ko.. i miss yellowcab talaga :D
tapos eto, fast forward na..121908 - D' HACIENDERAS CHRISTMAS PARTY :)

dito kami sa northwing ng SM Cebu..
d' hacienderas. God's gift. XD
eugene and mee :) this one of the reasons that i'm thankful for.. malapit na kami mag-3 years, january 2, 2009 XD
 12/22/08 - THE WEDDING :) 
bride's maid na naman ako...weeee XD
family ko.. ahaha.. nakasanayan na kasi namin mag-exchange gifts.. ahaha.. kakatuwa talaga tong mga pinsan ko :)
12/25/08 - CHRISTMAS
eto yung pride ng Matalom Leyte. We call this haven, Canigao Island. Kasama ko dito family ko. Well, with the exception ng ate ko kasi nasa Pampanga sila ni Kuya Loren (d hubby). he he he.. over-night kami dito. The stars at night, the experience, hanep!!! It was priceless XD

Tapos pag-uwi namin, punta na naman sa bahay ng pinsan ko.. hahaha.. ang walang humpay na kaligayan at kainan :) kaya nga siguro tumaba ako eh! ha ha ha..
funny yung face ni eugene dito.. hahaha
hmmm.. quite an eventful december dbah? ahaha.. Actually, marami pang group pictures in Mikyu's Multiply account. and mine of course.. XD XD
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Aimee (mine)

So that was it! it's a Fun Fun Fun December :D
Feel free to share your thoughts :) thank you!! XD XD mwah..


  1. Great shots sis,
    I like the wedding pic, cute=D hehe esp da pink gown, anyway, I`m glad u had fun and it seems like iT's best thing to be treasured for 2o08!.

    COngrats for the seminar thingy=D, All success hah,?:)!

  2. mahahahaha! i enjoyed everything that happened sa 2008. you could read my year-ender post @ ifancy.me. not only sa december, sa whole year nga events jud akong g.write! hahaha. XD

  3. Talagang nagutom ako sa pizza picture hahaha seryoso :s Astig nama ng mall diyan, parang ang linis at ayos tingnan. Dito sa Manila ang gulo gulo e. Haha oh well.


  4. @ jhoice: thanx XD mabuti na lang talga tapos na yung seminar :D

  5. @ gel: bago lang kasi tong north wing, kaya siguro maayos pa :D