17 July 2009

I miss TV!

Friday, July 17, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
Have you had a feeling that you wanted to relax, sit on the couch and just feel the air of freedom?! I bet you have. Because I, too, often think of things like that. Yeah, I guess it really shows how I miss being just at home.
I miss the TV, really :) Last vacation, all I really did was watch the television. Ha ha ha! It was really silly now that I thought of it since I watched carton shows most of the time. Well, it's good to go back to being a carefree kid, right? No hassles and stuff!
Anyways, about the television stuff, I also watch movies in HBO, Star Movies, etc. I was like having a movie marathon via cable. And that is everyday :) But, much as I want to see every good show there is, our cable TV has only limited channel selection. And it sucks when some of my online friends will talk about this show and that, and I can't relate because we don't have that channel at home.
Sometimes, I think about moving to Direct TV just so we will have a wide-range of selection at home. My father also loves to watch movies, so I might tell him about this and give it a try. It's only $29.99 per month and it's worth it. Channels are also in HD :) How cool is that!
There is also a Direct TV in California, New York, etc.
Another thing is that they're giving special offers for phone orders. You just have to call 866-615-8128 for you to find out. I don't really know if this is accessible in our area but I can't really help it. This is a really good offer and I just can't let it pass.

Note to those who don't know: Directv provides television and audio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions.


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