22 July 2009

Cars cars!

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I know most people right now have cars. It has become a necessity especially when you're living in a big city. So when I will talk about superchargers, it's something "relatable", right? (if there's even a word as such) Oh well!

As for me, I'm really not that familiar with superchargers since I'm not so much into cars. What I know is only the basic information. But I found this superchargerpros.com and it's really helpful. They are selling superchargers with an affordable price. Examples are the mercedes supercharger, pontiac supercharger, and the buick supercharger.

And if you wanted to know something, you can inquire. They really have a fantastic customer service and it's so helpful especially to those who have little 'knowings' about the said product (like me! woohoo!).

BTW, a supercharger is an "air compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine." So it somehow deals with oxygen. And I can relate that one to the human body. Humans need oxygen to survive. It is one of the most essential things to us. We need oxygen so that our body can perform its functions well. Likewise, cars need oxygen because it is a major factor of an automotive performance. "By forcing air into the system either with a supercharger or turbocharger we can greatly improve horsepower, torque and more." (from superchargerpros.com)
So to ensure that the product is working really well, purchase it from trusted sellers like the superchargerpros.com :)

Examples of products offered:

A buick supercharger

A mercedes supercharger

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