23 September 2009

Halloween Costumes

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Are you excited for Halloween already? :D
I know it is still September (well, almost end of September), but, you see, I love Halloweens because...first, no class. Second, trick-or-treat. And third, the lovely Halloween costumes. Don't you just love it?! Ha ha! People really prepare for the scariest costume ever, especially the kids, the oh so adorable kiddies.

And, yeah, I also remember Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. I really think that her costume there could freak me out. But I love this one more:

Okay, nevermind the face. Ha ha! I love this costume simply because it makes me remember my all-time favorite actor, Johnny Depp or Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, I find this costume really cool that whenever someone wears this, that someone would look better. You know, with the rugged look, it's adorable.
FYI: This costume, from the pirate hat to the boots (including the accessories), only costs USD $89.95 :D Pretty affordable for a costume. Coolness.

I also found another one...

Oh yeah! A fairy costume. Tell me a girl who doesn't want to have a fairy costume for Halloween and I'd go nuts. And by girl here, I mean the girly girls. This is a very lovely one. The moment I saw this at costumecauldron.com, I was like...OH-WOW!!! I couldn't really say more.
FYI: This costume only costs USD $99.95 :D

I hope you understand that opinions vary, and that you might not like my options. If you want to see more, just visit costumecauldron.com. They got lots variety of costumes to choose from. And they also accept Paypal. How cool is that?!?
Another wonderful thing....

Ha ha! Great!


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