22 September 2009

Some of the favorite things...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
You see, everyone of us is not getting any younger. And any time soon, we're going to build our own family. Yes, I have been thinking about these things for quite some time now. I am nearing the end of my college days (or at least I am hoping so), and soon enough I am going to get married and have kids. Oh yeah.. Ha ha ha!

But before that, I seriously need to have a stable job first and, of course, a cozy home where love and peace reverberates in its every corner. Well, I admit, I am a sucker for light fixtures, lamps and other decorative materials. I am not materialistic much but I want my home to be as vibrant as the summer day. I want to have lots of colors. I also want chandeliers. Oh my! I have seen lots of magazines, home-related magazines. I am really amazed with some of the chandeliers hanging on the ceilings. It's too lovely. I love it..

Every time I go to a mall and I pass by a Furniture store or something like that, I never fail to take a look at every lamp there, especially when I am with my boyfriend. He has a good taste, that is. I'm even thinking that when we already have our own home, he will be the one in charge of the choosing part.. I know this is hilarious but, I tell you, he's more organized than I am. He's the guy and I'm the lady. But with his OC-ness, he's more of a girl than me. Ha ha ha!

And, yeah, I am also a sucker for coffee, and I think all of my friends are super aware with it. So coffee+colorful coffee table is super duper lala-love <3

I seriously love the second lamp because PURPLE is LOVE :))


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