06 September 2009


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Last week, our school celebrated it's Foundation Anniversary. It started on a Sunday since we had the mass, first thing for the event. But the official opening was on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the opening because we had to make our school project. Plus, the event was held on the main campus which was not quite convenient for me. Also, I wanted to stay away from the crowd because it makes my head heat up. Gahd! What with those stampede-type moments, especially in the entrance of the building. Yeah, there wasn't enough crowd control. They only have those stanchions on the main gate. I just hope they'll use the velvet rope type of stanchion so it will hurt less since they are more gentle to the skin. Or the barricades will do.

So, okay, me and my friends decided to attend only during the closing ceremony because the PopJazz competition is frequently held during that time. The venue was in USC Main Gym. Yeah, it's in the main campus. But we are really eager to watch the PopJazz. It's our only waited-for event. Downside are the stampede-type moments again. But we can handle that, though I still can't help but comment.

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