08 August 2009

Web Directories

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Do you want to increase your blog traffic? For businesses, this is pretty essential because it helps them gain more customers. So by using a web directory, your blog traffic would likely increase.

A web directory, by the way, provides a list of various websites. It is not a search engine and does not display websites by its keywords. The websites are categorized into categories and subcategories according to the concept of the whole website, not on the idea of every page. It is really helpful because it reduces the search time. And if you really narrow down your search, you can have a better and accurate results.

But we have to be careful with these directories. Others entice us with advertisements and other special offers but, in reality, there might be nothing to do with quality in the websites that they list. So we must also consider the authenticity of these websites to avoid disappointments.

Examples of a trustedd web directory is the Yahoo! Directory.

Yahoo Directory is one of the most popular web directories in the World Wide Web since it is used by most business owners all over the globe.

Another one is business.com. By the name itself, we can see what this directory is for, right?

The difference between a web directory and a search engine is their efficiency. Directories are more efficient since they provide only the homepage of the site that you are searching for. So you do not have to go through the hassle of going through individual pages to get your preferred link.

As I said, these directories are really helpful to those who are a business-engaging website. This will increase the blog traffic and page rank so great profit is easily attained.

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