22 August 2009

New Domain...again?

Saturday, August 22, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
Well, as for the title, I'm still thinking about buying a new domain. I'm still weighing my options since there are a lot of things to consider. First, the domain name. Woohoo! As of now, I have my personal domain, aimeenvincible.net. For the benefit of those unaware, I chose that domain name because I really wanted a URL that would signify fierceness. And, of course, call me vain, but I also wanted my name to be in it. Ha ha ha! Silly much, eh?

Well, the second thing to consider is where you would buy your domain name. And the third, which I think is one of the most important things to consider is choosing the best website hosting service that is really worth the price. I had my sucking experience once with my previous host and I don't want it to happen to anyone anymore.

You see, it is still best to search for the best provider. We have the WWW for that and Web Hosting Geeks to rank the web hosting services according to serviceability and efficiency. Great, isn't it? In WHG, we are already provided with the number one provider. So there is less hassle and hesitations on choosing the right one.

And as of the moment, InMotion, which provides customers with Business Web Hosting.
See, it's really helpful. You can also visit their blog to be more aware of what they are offering.


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