03 May 2009

Another Tumblr fun :)

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Sunday is, as usual, boring. I'm just here in a net cafe and I'm totally excited about next weekend. Don't bother asking. Me not telling. Ha ha ha! Okay. So I was just site-hopping and I landed at Tumblr [try scrolling down at my page, you'll see the wonder ;)] and I wanted to kill time so I just clicked every cute image I could find and reblog... Long story short, I happened to stumble here.
I was searching for images, yet the very thing that made my day was a video. I don't know if you've seen it already and I'm just being totally outdated, though I couldn't care less about that, but I couldn't help myself sharing this to all. Ha ha! So here. Just look at the little boy's reaction at 1:13.. LOL

This video really made my day. I love his facial expressions.
And the colour blind thing?!.. It may be sort of hard to notice but they are of different races, hence, colour blind :)
The phrase "Our children are colour blind" is a way of saying they are not racist, that racism and hatred are learned over time and not inherently inbred in humanity.

--And for the preceding post, there was no question at all. It was simply stated that the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Fred and What were Maggie Mathematical's sons. Super easy, eh? :)
A lot of you got it but I'll only be mentioning 3 since that was the original idea. And they are Ate Tin, Mikyu and Ate Jhoice. *dance*

And I think I'm not in the mood for another brain teaser right now. Just focus on the video nalang ;) Weeeeeehhh.. And don't forget to comment here and indicate that I referred you. My URL must also be included... Haaaaay! Kulit ko talaga no? He he. I know you'll help me, kasi if not, I'll bite your head off. Ha ha! Kidding XD
Thank you so much, cuties.


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