01 May 2009

FANNY BANK!!!! *toot*

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I purchased a Sun Star newspaper last week, you know, just to catch up with the nation's latest talk-abouts. But eventually, I lost interest, that day's issue was boring
So I was just flipping the pages, looking at the colorful images. And when I landed at the last page, here's what I found...
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photo from: Prank Place

I really think this thing is awesome. (sorry for the image though! i can't seem to connect the photos.. kakapagod mag-edit kaya hindi ko na lang ginawa!! hehe)
With our hilarious Fanny Bank, saving your pennies will be a real gas! Drop in a coin and hear this bank fart in digital audio. It's so loud and so disgusting, you won't want to stop dropping coins in the crack!
quoted from here.

Amazing isn't it? You just need 3 AA batteries and you can start dropping some loot and hear the Fanny Bank toot.

You can also buy the farting Fanny Bank and the $100-Bill Toilet Paper together for only $15.99 --CLICK THIS-- for more info XD Farting's really in today, huh!

And for the brain-teaser in this entry, only Isha got the answer I was looking for.
--Ans: The EGG comes first. Dinosaurs laid eggs, right? So eggs already existed even before chickens did And I did not mention chicken egg, anyway :)

Here's for today:
Maggie Mathematical has five sons. One is called Alpha, another is called Beta, the third is called Gamma and the fourth is called Fred. What is the fifth son's name.

easy, easy! trust me ..good luck, cuties XD

The contest is still up! And I'm so sad kasi I think I'm not gonna win. Binasa ko kasi yung mga comments sa page ni Ate Ai~ and wala pa talaga akong na-refer dun or something What to do, what to do?!
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You can still help me, guys! You just have to drop a substantial comment and tell her I referred you. You should also put my URL :) I'm not persuading everyone. It's really up to you if you want to help... So good luck to me, to us


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