10 May 2009

Update and Brainless :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
I'm really sorry guys for not updating much. I was so busy with school. Got loads of exams and damn... woohoo... But I still think that last week was the best, by far.
Though it started out as almost-hell, the last two days of it was the total opposite.
Friday afternoon
, I was strolling the mall with Mikyu, Jessa and Leslie. I was really surprised to realize that we didn't spend a single cent. Woohoo... It was a day of catching up [though I often see Leslie and Jessa in school].. ROFL
And Friday night, I was in the Ayala Mall with Eugene and his fellow ex-seminarians of Don Bosco. It was really my first time with them and it was pure fun. I was laughing my heart out that my jaw almost gave up.. We had dinner at Giligan's at the Terraces. It was quite pricey, but I could still recommend the place. It was super sulit. Eugene and I didn't spend so much though. The fellas knew we're still students and, god, t'was already a Friday. Ha ha ha... So there. I never knew seminarians could horse around the way Bosconians do. They're corny but there's still the air of brilliance in every statement. Woohoo...
And at about 9pm, Brother Don-don came over. [TRIVIA: He's the only one in their batch still unordained.] He delivered the best jokes that night. Ha ha ha! XD And he ordered the largest pizza at Shakey's.. *at dalawa pa* yay! Super busog ko talaga... Ayun! I reached home almost 12 na... It was really fun XD XD

And yesterday, SATURDAY!!! Mama came over to buy me this....

I named it "Brainless"! I don't know why :)

See the specs here XD
and I'm giving all the love to Mama, Papa and the dearest sister <3

That would be all for now. I'll be returning comments later. Promise XD


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