13 April 2009

Home sweet home...

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My Good Friday was spent in our town somewhere in the Leyte area [Matalom Leyte]. Well, partly. Because on the afternoon, Papa and I went back to Maasin City to attend the procession :) --> I was kinda glad because, for some reasons, I don't want to sleep in Matalom. Yeah, the place is so cozy. Maybe a little too much. The greeneries outside our house could almost blind you. Like everywhere you look at, there are trees, grasses and the like. It's not that I abhor those kind of stuffs. It's just that they're making everything cold. Or probably because our house there isn't finished yet.

Imagine, my bedroom is still like imaginary. Ha ha ha! I still don't have a bed and stuff! Well, I just hope our house will be finished sooner because I'm currently eyeing a bed that conforms with my description of cozy-enough. It doesn't cost so much, by the way. I think the price is just enough. Have a look...

It's one of the rustic furnitures I saw at scenicfurniture.com :) --> Yeah, I know! It's really cool. It really blends with the environment of Matalom. It's a province and it has a lot of trees. And this Rustic Log Bed is just about perfect, with its rugged-yet-elegant look. I'm gonna tell my mom about this great find. I'm sure she'll love this also. And I hope that as soon as possible, we'll finish the house na. The excitement is something I could hardly contain. Weeeeehh! :) -->

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