23 April 2009

Update + Brain-teaser :)

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Hi everyone XD I feel so thrilled today. I don't know why.. I think it's about our Thermodynamics exam tomorrow. I haven't studied yet [maybe later]. I have this giddy feeling that I'll get a high score again. Ha ha ha! Last week, I aced it.. Weeeeehh! I'm not bragging! I'm just so happy about it.. XD

Well, nothing really happened today. I woke up at around six in the morning and getting out of bed seemed to require a good deal of effort. And my first class, Strength of Materials, just so happened to be 2 hours later. So I slept again and woke up [again] at exactly 7:10. Waaah! With my slow-poke motion, 50 minutes don't seem to be enough. Still, I did my best so I could catch up with the time, which, I think, is moving too fast. A little too fast.. huh!

God must really love me. I think he stopped the time for a little while just so I could arrive at school at exactly eight.. Yes, yes, I wasn't late. And good thing our teacher does not usually call the roll, in case I was.
Well, our teacher's really good, not only because he doesn't call the roll, but also because he's plain brilliant. He could easily stimulate our senses and he gives concrete examples. It's really helpful for me because, naturally, I really can't relate with this stuff with the Civil Engineers since it's not wholly in line with my field of study. And our teacher's examples somehow give me something to picture out. And it's really something. My sister also shared that he was almost the Suma Cum Laude during his years. Well, only "almost" because...I don't know. It has something to do with the ROTC!.. Yeah, just that. But he was Magna Cum Laude. It's still good... Ha ha ha! He's got a cute pair of eyes, by the way., especially when he crinkles his nose and all that. It makes him... so youthful! Ha ha ha!

And before I go random again, I'll give you a brain-twister. Well, I think I'll be throwing one every now and then, whenever I feel like it... No, no! I'm not giving prizes here, unfortunately. I'm still broke, you know... It's just up to you if you like to give it a try or something. I'll just plug the sites of the first three people who'll get it right, along with the correct answer, on my next entry.... And no looking at other people's answer. I really do appreciate honesty. :) So here it is, this is really easy....

The figure shows a small island, on which is a tree, in the middle of a large and deep lake, which is 300 yards across. On the shore is another tree.

How might a man, who is unable to swim, with only a length of rope rather more than 300 yards long, get from the shore to the island?

----- Brain-teasers sure make me miss D' Hacienderas. We had a whole lot of those before, with Mikyu being the one who do the questioning and the rest of us would squeeze our brains until we got the right answer... hhhmmmm.. nostalgia much?! Ha ha ha!


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