22 April 2009

Maribago Bluewater Summer Blowout :)

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oh! Summer, summer, summer!!! And what's the best thing about it?... Outings!!! But I haven't started hanging out yet, what with these summer classes. I'm taking Strength of Materials and Thermodynamics for now... And in between these classes, one of my friends mentioned something about the Beach! Well, I was thinking about the movie, the one with Leonardo. ROFL! *silly me*

And later I found out that it was about special SUMMER BLOWOUT by the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort! It will be this May 16, 2009. [Mikyu told me about it!]
Well, I haven't really heard about this resort before. I'm not really familiar with the resorts here. *poor me* But when I looked over the net, these are what I found...

Tempting, indeed!!! And whoever said that the best things in life are expensive must be really joking because this summer blowout is FREE, like, you know... I don't have to dig up the dictionary for the meaning of the word!!! It's even more tempting, eh? wahahaha...
Cebu Bloggers Society is invited to this and I'm happy to be part of it!!! My system could not really afford to miss this thing...again! If time permits, this would be my first time [or second if you would count the first meeting] to hang out with my fellow CBS members since I was not able to attend the CBS Camp Out last weekend :( So sad!...

Well, I'm really looking forward to this event! Maribago Bluewater sure looks soooooo much like a summer haven! :)

You can visit PINOYWORLD to know more about this special blowout, and Maribago Bluewater Blog for the resort's stuffs, events and promos.

Catch you there, guys! :)

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