14 April 2009

Randomness yet again...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Posted by Aimee , , , 10 comments
It's good to know that there are a lot of things you could do at Plurk. Aside from the usual connecting-with-friends-or-acquaintances, there's the catching-information, some necessary bits and some just trivial.

And, just recently, Josua [we're not close though], plurked something about some of those 3D stuff. It looked almost real that I could only stare at it, wide-eyed with amazement... Well, a lot of thank-you to Joshua for sharing.

I was never really familiar with the things with Maya. My first encounter with it was through Gel, with this entry. So these are really new to me. And, man!! Those photos look like the ones you took with your handy cameras.. So damn good!!!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

You can also find more here... Amazing, ain't it?

That's not all! I also went through with that certain post's replies, and someone there shared another site, cracked.com. I found myself rummaging for something interesting. There were articles under the "More Funny Stuff" category that showcased the almost-unbelievable pieces...which I found fascinating and entirely entertaining. There were articles such as 15 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped, If Everything In Life Came With Warning Labels, etc. But what really caught my attention was the one that stated something about Balut claiming the #1 spot that on The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World. [sikat na naman Pilipinas! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org]

[Photo from the site itself.]

But would you agree with that? Kasi I eat balut and it sure tastes real great. It may look and sound terrifying to eat a duck fetus, but, man, balut would really prove the don't-judge-a-book-by-its-cover cliche right.

BTW, I watched Dragonball Evolution with Eugene, Mikyu and Jessa last Monday, the official start of summer classes. But, as always, the first few days of the first week would fall as the adjustment period, so no classes still.

As a kid, I had been an avid fan of the series. Though I was pissed off with GMA because they would always rewind the whole thing to the first episode even if the whole story wasn't finished yet. Like when Gohan already was a teenager on that night's episode, then the next day, he's back to being a kid. Oh well! GMA.. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org No offense, GMA fans! Ha ha ha! :) -->

Well, the movie was good. I wasn't satisfied, though, but I wasn't disappointed, either. I'm just looking forward to the next part because, apparently, it has one or even several of them. I'm not sure. Dragonball was one hell of a series. And it was a lengthy one.

hhhmmmm.... Justin Chatwin is an OH-MY-GOD-HE'S-ONE-HELL-OF-A-CUTIE dude Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org


  1. oh wow, those images looked so real, I thought they were photos of real people... gawd so amazing...

    Balut? I hate it when somebody says it's a disgusting food when it really isn't. It's one of the best foods there is... I can like eat 7 baluts by myself haha, I don't eat the chick part though...

    Dragon ball? I used to watch it but yeah GMA would always rewind the episodes that I don't understand the story anymore. I'm not a fan, but I might watch that movie :D

  2. haha! nalingaw kuh sa mga 3D stuff... actually, and mga movies karon that are 3D animated kay nindot naman ayuh.. as in mura jud tinuod.. hehe...

    about the balut... well, wala pa kuh ka.taste... waaaaah! does that mean i'm not a real pinoy? hehe.. mahadlok man kuh m.taste gud.. dali ra man kuh madiscourage sa nawng gud!

    had fun watching dragonball!! na.bitin pud kuh... murag wala ayo impact ang storyline... hehehe.. pero, i didn't regret seeing it man pud.. it was still enjoyable.. mostly because of Justin Chatwin.. haha!!

  3. most terrifying ang balut?? hahah,, astig!!!

  4. very interesting topic sis,
    I haven't been to plurk for ages so I
    really dunno what's goin on, I`m glad dat some1 here
    is always willing to share so that at least
    we won't missed wats happening,
    never huRd or seen that kind of 3d pic sis,
    just now and YEAH that's awesome.
    Looks realy ,YAY

    I'd like to see the Dragonball Evolution
    as welL, but they said
    it wasn't dat Good, Oh well=(
    idunno now, xD

  5. wow! Those picture are 3D stuffs? cooL! hehe :) I don't eat baLut I don't know why... hehe, pero when I was a kid, I reaLLy Love baLut daw.. sa bi ng tatay ko.. hehe, but now, ndi na..
    dq pa napapanuod and DBZ EvoLution.. I'll try to watch it! :)
    OOFtopic: sorry sis kung ndi aq nakakavisit. I'll make it up to you! :)

  6. I guess, those are little things that is really so unbelievable to the fact na you can say talaga, my god, computer can really do wonders, haha!

  7. Hi Aimee,
    I am an Indian and possess a taste very similiar to you. I have read many books and an Engineer too. completed B.E last year and joined as software engn in HP. I would like to chat with you, just for friendly. I also like the movies and books u have mentioned.

    Similiar tastes....!

  8. Ashika:

    hey i guessed you changed your layout, and it's really good.

    thanks for the link on the weird foods. natawa ako!


  9. Those 3D images amazed me for real! I got confused so i checked out the link. On its page, some of it aren't seemed to be realistic much, yet. The things you ought aren't photoshopped amazed me as well. Great finds!

  10. Cool sis! hehe 3D faces noh? Actually I'm playing Rose Online and it's 3D too. Thanks for sharing this sis haha. Then Balut? I really love eating balut!! Lalo na kung suka ang sawsawan! Love it!!