26 April 2009

Strength + Award

Sunday, April 26, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments
Firstly, I'll give you the answer to the brain-teaser I gave you on my previous entry.. Here it is:
He ties the rope round the tree on the shore, and then carries the rope on a walk around the island. As he passes the halfway mark, the rope starts to wrap around the tree on the island, and when he reaches his starting point he ties the other end of the rope to the tree on the shore and pulls himself across on the rope.

And the first two cuties who got it right are: Aldren & Ate Rhoda.. Yay!

Moving on.....
weeeehh! It's so wet today. The cats and dogs are really running wild, eh? Oh well! The other day, the sun was scorching hot and I was bitching about it. And now that "The sky is falling!" [quoted from Chicken Little..LOL], I'm complaining again. It just proves that I never run out of complains or something of that sort, which makes me more of an IE. Ha ha ha!
Anyways, I want to tell you all that the contest is still up and I hope guys will help me win a domain. God! I really want it! Please, please, please... Help me! You just have to drop a sensible comment at her site and tell her I referred you. --CLICK THIS--

And with the Thermodynamics exam I told you about in my last post, I think I aced it again. If not, maybe just one mistake or you know.. Ha ha ha! Thanks to those who wished me good luck! Hope you'll do the same thing again since I'll be having another quiz tomorrow. Strength of Materials naman! whooooah! I don't expect myself to ace this one, what with those shearing, bearing, circumferential stresses and so on, but I still raise my hopes up. Wishful thinking talaga! Weeeeeh! Pray for me, okay?

I'm also happy to tell you, guys, that Ashika gave me an award! I'll put it in my sidebar. A bunch of thanks to her.
And now, I'll give the Award to the following people: Mikyu, Jessa, Janile, Ate Ai~, and Aldren.
Please go here to know the rules in posting XD

And for the post-ender, here's the brain-teaser of the day:
Which comes first, egg or chicken? Explain your answer!! [Explanation is the most important factor here.]

[I'm not talking about the Bible here, FYI. The explanation must be based on facts, or, yeah, scientific.]

And again, NO CHEATING! :) That's all for now. Good luck to all of us XD


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