14 March 2009

Emotions and Awards <3

Saturday, March 14, 2009 Posted by Aimee 12 comments
***Warning: This is a non-sense post, or I don't know. I just want to let this thing off my chest...

So there! Last Thursday was a total emotion-whirlwind day!

  • By morning - excited, because we were going to celebrate Shalee's 20th birthday.
  • Before noon - busy mode.. Preparing for the stuffs that we would use (balloons, costumes, etc.). 
  • Noon - high-spirited.. PAAARRRTTTTYYYY!!! (It was a kiddie so we were dressed accordingly!) We played PaperDance, Hep-hep-hurray (like the one we see in the noon-time show, Wowowee.),  Egg-Catching (I don't know the actual name for that game. Basta it was played with a partner and the every successful catch would mean another step backward. My partner here was Mikyu. And we won!!!  Lastly, we had the Charade. We didn't win here but it was all fun nevertheless XD

    • Afternoon - Anxious for the oral exam in Psychology..
    • 4:30pm - Dumb-founded. When the teacher called me, I was dumbstruck! My mind went blank. Maybe I lost focus because I was thinking something else before she mentioned my name. So I stood there looking so STUPID!!! Only to realize, after I took my seat, that the question was only a matter of reality which was so easy. And I felt stupid even more.  
    • Night - Mixed Emotions   

    ***I would also like to thank Jessa for giving me these awards XD She's so great :) 


  1. nyahahahaha..murag kita tanan bah kay nagpost bout ani..hihihi

    thank you aimz for being at the party..XD

  2. march 12, 2009 will never be forgotten. :)
    aja japon tang tanan! hahaha. XD thanx for the award aimz! ;)

  3. @shalee: yeah! murag kita jud tanan gapost anah! ahahaha.. thanx ayu shal :)

    @mikyu: no prob kyu, you deserve it XD and yeah, march 12, 2009 will never be forgotten XD

  4. naks naman ang cute aprtner kau ni mikyu hehehehe congrats on the awards!

  5. Wow i've seen that pic
    too in mikyu's page,
    u guys rocks, love da kiddie theme party,
    it's super cute,
    congrats for the awards:<3

  6. It's really nice to have a party that has a theme :) Your's so cute :) Bringing back the your kid heart. hehe :):)

  7. cute pictures! i want to dress like that too.. XD
    congrats sa awards.. :)

  8. haha anLakas ng trip nyo ha? pero ancute haha.. batang bata ang itsura.. parang si angeLina Lang? haha where's yaya? xD cooL idea! sarap mag picture ng mdaming mdami xD haha..

  9. Hahah the kids party looks so fun! I saw some pics in mikyu's multiply account. you guys looks so cute.. hahahah. I can't imagine a 20 yr old girl would prefer to have a kids party. That sounds so fun. I think I might try that. LOL

    Take care :)

  10. wow ur post sounds like u really had a great time! and it's obvious coz of the picture and you look like kids too! xD