21 March 2009

Looking for the best credit cards :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted by Aimee No comments

Credit cards are like a must-have nowadays.. haha, wanna bet?!?

Seriously, it's a must-have especially to those who love to shop since it's much safer than bringing cold cash, eh?!? But finding the right credit card could be confusing, right? Especially when you have to deal with those privileges and stuff. You want to avail of those that offers low interest rates. Well, low interest credit cards are so light to bear. We have less worries.

And for me, since I don't have a credit card yet, I'm thankful that I found this dealsforcreditcards.com. It's really helpful, guys. You see, this site makes credit card comparisons making it easy for us to choose. You can search various brands here, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.

Dealsforcreditcards.com even have this Editor's Choice for Low Interest, Editor's Choice for Instant Approval, et cetera. :)

For now, I'm still weighing my options. I'm thinking about Mastercard, but I also likeVisa. It's somehow promising. You see, my friends are using Visa and I'm also inspired by it's commercials over the television. ha ha! *silly me

So here, I'm gonna browse the site muna for additional information :)

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