24 March 2009

Calling for help :(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Posted by Aimee 15 comments
How would you feel if one morning someone would just wake you up to tell that one of your friends [say, one of your close friends] is fighting for his life?? 

It was only a text message that I received but it was purely devastating.... Actually, four people sent me the same message.. and here it is.....

Ney really needs our prayers right now..
You know he had bone cancer in High School, right?

Now, the cancer is attacking his lungs, and according to the doctor, it's FAST spreading :(
The doctor said that if not for his very young age, he wouldn't advise chemotherapy anymore because the cancer is really spreading rapidly..
Now, NEY has just finished his first chemo session..
He's really weak right now but he's fighting!!

you know he's been a good friend to you..
if you don't, ask one of his friends and s/he will tell you how NEY DOESN'T DESERVE this..

Let's pray for NEY's complete healing..
EVERYDAY at 6pm..
Surely, that Somebody up there will hear our joint hearts..

PLEASE pass to Josephinians, Maasinhons and everyone who's willing to help..
thanks :)

So what do you think I did feel after reading this?... Go figure...

Well, Ney Floren Cadavos, or more commonly known as Ney, was my classmate in high school and he's a friendly person. He smiles a lot and he's fun to be with. He was an athlete...and a very good one, so to speak. He was one of the best badminton players in our time and it hurts to know that he can't play anymore because, as what was stated in the message, he had that freakin' bone cancer which impede him to play. Plus, one of his legs was cut so that the cancer cells wouldn't spread to his other body parts. It was super duper sad... 

He was also an excellent student. But, then again, the cancer made him stop schooling for a while. He continued high school two years after the incident.. You see, he is a fighter.. God must be testing his strength.. Yeah, He must have loved Ney so much. 

And now, on Ney's new battle, I'm asking you to help us pray for him. It's the most we could do right now....

Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will opened for you. For the one who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened. -Luke 11:9-10


I would also like to thank Ate Rhoda for this....  I feel like crying everytime I read it. Thank you so much. I know you understand why I'm feeling this way... You are the best sister any one could ever hope for. And I love you so much for that... See you after summer. I'm super excited for baby Izzy 


  1. Aww sis,
    im sorry for what happened to him,
    That's really sad . I`ll pray for him<3.
    I had once lost a friend and I knoe da feeling,=(

  2. woah... murag, sensitive lagi ang topic para nkuh.. i don't even know what to comment...
    i know how he feels.. well, not really exactly how he feels... pero very close.
    i think all we can do now is pray for him and just support him no matter what...

  3. Aww. :( I hope he'll be fine.
    I'll pray for him.

  4. I'll pray for him too. :(
    This is sad. really sad. Hayyy

  5. aww:( sorry to hear about your friend ney:( i have a fellow schoolmate in college that has the same cancer as francis m and he's fighting too, while my former classmate in HS, franz has extra skeletal cancer..=( its such a pity that at a young age they have such a horrible disease, but at the same time i think they're really brave to face life and fight. I hope things get better for the three of them.

  6. Aww. That's sad. I'll try to pray for him. I hope he'll heal and recover. Have you visited him recently? I think it will be a good help for him.

    It's nice that you have your ate to understand you. I just hope you and your Mom will soon patch things up.

  7. OMY. sorry to hear that. :(
    I will pray for him.
    I'll pray for his recovery..
    I know what you feel. cheer up..
    minsan na din ako nawalan ng kaibigan and it really hurts so bad.

  8. Hey Aimee, sorry I only got the chance to return your comment now. Kakabalik ko lang from my hiatus. I'm really sorry about your friend. I really believe in the power of prayer and i'm hoping for your friend's recovery. I'll pray for him too.

  9. salamat sa inyong lahat... at this moment, hindi pa tumatanggap ng bisita si ney kasi ayaw daw nya makita namin xa na weak xa... :(
    sana marinig ni Lord mga prayers natin *hopeful*

  10. aaawww. it's really sad jd. it's even sadder when you told us the story of how he got it. i mean how it all started. waaahhh. nwgtangan npd ku'g kusog. :|

    and what ate rhoda did was really touching! sweet! <3

  11. I'll pray for Ney... God, please give a best life for him...

  12. Sorry sis sa nangyayari sa friend mo. I'll also pray for him. Nakakalungkot talaga kapag may nangyayaring ganyan sa mga close sayo. Sana makarecover siya agad :)

  13. sorry for what happend to NEY..i know how it feels aimz..labi nah close nimu..i experienced that many times already..one of my closest friends had cancer too..Leukemia?!..sakto bah spelling..I had a friend also who had a brain tumor..and i had a cuzin with a weak heart..:(

  14. That's very sad to hear sis. i hope makarecover siya, i'll pray for him din.. gahhd whats happening on earth now? kung sino pa ung mababait sila pa yung nagkakaganyan. actually ang dami kong naririnig n may cancer ngaun..so sad :|