21 March 2009

Congratulations :D

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted by Aimee 20 comments
 I just want to congratulate my dear cousin, Mary Glee Segun for being a Magna Cum Laude

She was an Accountancy student from the University of San Carlos and she graduated yesterday. Well, the full five years was indeed a fruitful journey for her.

But I was not able to attend her graduation because we, D' Hacienderas, were at Leslie's the whole day yesterday doing our company study report or something of that sort... Another thing, maximum of two persons lang yung required na mag-attend.. hahaha, correct me if I'm wrong 

So I only texted Ate Glee yesterday because I never really thought that I could come to their house or somewhere... And I was not invited, in the first place!! hahahaha..

But at 6pm, while I was on my way to my boarding house, she suddenly called me. She told me to go to the Grand Majestic for dinner... *there, I'm officially invited na!*  ... I was excited since, for the record, it would be my first time at the Grand Majestic, hahahaha *silly*....but I was panicking also because she said that almost everyone was there already and I haven't changed my clothes yet. I was still riding on a jeepney for god's sake. I don't want to be the super late to arrive so I was practically running to my boarding house when I reached Talamban. I was on rush that I didn't even picked the right outfit, *I think!*  I wore the same polo as the one on my previous post, the one I bought at multiply, coupled with a pair of jeans and sandals 

I was expecting that everyone wore formal attires. But when I arrived there, *boo!*, I was not an odd-woman-out after all. Actally, almost everyone nga was wearing jeans  Well, that's a good thing, thank God!

I also realized that I was not the one with the super-duper-late award. It was given to Ate Glee's boyfie who arrived at around 8pm. Oh well!! XD What can I say?.. God spared me from shame again.. 

Hahahaha.. I really had a great time last night. Plus, the tummy was soooo full that I could not almost breathe. What with all those grubs, though I remembered only ten, whose tummy would not burst?!?

Also, yesterday was also the first time my cousins had seen me wearing my eye glasses. They said it suits me well. [gonna share the photos nalang next time] Ha ha ha! *vain much?*  Well, I don't really think it's something to revel about because they only emphasized how near-sightedness and astigmastism suit me very well  

Ha ha ha! it's okay. I'll look at the brighter side of wearing glasses nalang XP *and me not telling* XP Weeeeeehhh! 


  1. congratz agen to your cousin! let's graduate with flying colors din! hahaha. XD
    and i think i know that "brighter side of wearing glasses"! and me not telling too! wahahaha. joke. XD

  2. Congrats to your cousin! ang galing, magna cum laude! :D Kaka-excite talaga kumain sa mga restau na di pa nattry before. :) Patingin ng picture na naka-glasses ka! sharee ng pic! :D

  3. CONGRATZ sah pinsan!!!...bagay sau yung eyeglasses..swear!..hihihi..

  4. Yays. Atleast you attended noh kahit late. Hehe.
    Congrats sa kanya! MAGNA CUM LAUDE! woot!

  5. Congrats sa cousin mo.. CPA nlng kulang hehe.. Gudluck sa inyo..

  6. wow magna cum Laude~ gaLing nman nya~.. congrats to her ^^ you're wearing gLasses? tingin~ hehe ;p

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  8. WOW! galing! and accountancy din WOW! sana aku pag college gnyan din :P hahah

  9. congrats sa kanya!!! weeeeeeee! nasuya ko!!wala jud ko nka tamak ug stage pag college.. hahaha.. astang!! kanus a pa kaha! :P


  10. congrats to your cousin aimz!!! hehehehe.. ka.batch lang pala sila ng ate ko.. and we just found out the day before their graduation.. haha!!

    and i think i know what's the bright side of wearing eyeglasses... haha!! it's got something to do with... ssssshhhh!!! hehehe...

  11. wow, congrats to your cousin.. she was really really good ayt?

  12. Yeah totally. No discrimination at all. Adam Lambert is really good :D

    Btw, congrats to your cousin. Wish I ccan be a Magna Cum Laude in the future. LOL. In my dreams xD

  13. Wow congrats sa cousin mo! Magna kum laude? ang galing and accounting pa ha I bet matalino nga talaga xa..
    near-sighted ka din? lol ilan grado sayo? malabo din mata ko..

  14. WOW! Congrats to your cousin. Super galing naman po niya. For sure you'll do the same pag grumaduate ka din po. Hehe. :D

  15. whew! that is really a hard earned degree..
    ingna imong cousin patudlo nya kog auditing ai hahahahaha..

    grabe cya.. (worship)

  16. wow, magna cumlaude.. that's nice. Ooh, I hope I could be like her. hehe

  17. Congratz sa cousin mo sis!ang galengggg!magna cum laude!she's really intelligent!

  18. aww! congrats sa cousin mo! wow! magna cum laude! ang talino naman! maybe it runs in the blood :)