19 March 2009

Okay to Free Dating!?!

Thursday, March 19, 2009 Posted by Aimee 5 comments

Hey guys! I'm back here.. I really miss the online world. I've been out for three days, I think. You know, with all those exams for the finals, un-wavered effort was badly needed. And now that almost everything's finished, I'm here again. Almost because we still have this sort-of company study for our Methods Laboratory. But I'm gonna crash here for hours first to kill this boredom XD

I was browsing some sites a couple of minutes ago and stumbled on this online dating one. Actually, I'm not really a fan of this free dating stuff online because I believe that proximity is one thing that builds a relationship. Hahaha! Yeah, I learned that way back God knows when, even before I took Psychology this semester. LOL.. But that subject really helped a lot.

So with this online dating, I'm not one for it though, but some of my cousins are that they even stay up late at night just to chat with their new found "friends". Sometimes I don't understand them but I couldn't care less about it anyway :)

And thinking about them and the site that I found, I think it's a perfect match :D Gonna tell them na. I know they would love it. It's something like a social networking site, only it's more for single women and single men :) You can also try it if your into this kind of stuff :)

And it's easy to navigate. There's a quick search located at the right side bar and you just input your gender, age range along with the religion, country and location, depending on your level of preference :) Amazing enough! :) It's like customizing a bracelet, ain't it?!

So this would be all for now :) gonna bloghop muna XD take care guys :D


  1. Hi sis
    welcome back ;)
    Nice post, I am not afan of
    online dating as well, but it sounds like a good
    website for siNgle people,
    I`ll stickk check this out;<33

  2. haha!! online dating.. whatever! hehehe..
    will check it out though...

  3. nyahahahaha...online dating..hmmmmm?!!!..hihihi..

  4. whoa! online dating.. never tried it.. but looks cool :D

  5. I'm not fond of those things haha :) pero i have a friend who tried that na ata hehe im not so sure ;p