21 March 2009

weeeehh! a new domain for summer?!?

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted by Aimee 2 comments

So here, the purpose of this post is, let's say crucial.. ha ha!

Seriously, I'm planning of buying a domain, probably this summer, and I'm still weighing my options here. I'm still thinking of the domain name and, of course, I'm looking for a new web hosting service that's really worth the price. Good thing I found this webhostingrating.com that, obviously from the name itself, provides customer ratings of top ten web hosting companies.

To those who are planning of buying a new domain or looking for a new web hosting service, thank me for sharing this. ha ha! Just kidding, guys! :) Well, according to this site, Just Host holds the Rank 1. It's got unlimited space as well. SO what do you, guys, think? :)

WebHostingRating.com also listed the Best Web Hosting Awards as of March 2009 in various categories. :) Globat.com was voted as the Best Blog Hosting.. hmmmm.. Now, it's really making me think *confused* Well, there are still a lot to consider here.

So what do you think, bloggers? Which is which? :)

See, I told you it's crucial *wink*


  1. ahaha.. try mikyu's hosting provider.. i think ok rman pud iya hosting... then ang iya pd registrar which i think is name.com ? kay murag sulit ra ang price sa domain.. :D


  2. basta get your new domain from me,, tapos check my webhostin din,, soon 'll have a free webhosting, pwede mag upgrade ung willing mag bayad ^^