08 March 2009

Another boring Sunday.....

Sunday, March 08, 2009 Posted by Aimee 18 comments
         It suddenly came to me that my blog looked a little stale. So I decided to change the layout :) It's a simple lang kasi super tamad talaga akong pagandahin 'to.... I applied the layout yesterday and ngayon ko lang in-alter yung mga colors and stuff :)

         Well, it's a Sunday, which translates that it's a NO-CLASS day and it's boring. My only consolation ngayon is the internet. Kaya I'm here in front of the PC and browsing some stuff over multiply. Hhhhmmm... I'm thinking of buying something again   The last thing I purchased there was a plaid polo and it arrived last Wednesday, I think. And I used it agad in our Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Research Forum last Friday  Nakakatuwa kami kasi polo yung trip.. Here...
  Wala dito sa pic yung iba kasi hindi sila nag-polo   

         Ayun, the forum was fun. Kaya lang may boring parts. Probably because walang nag-isip ng mga intermission and stuff para naman somehow, ma-energize kami. And the way they distributed the snacks, it's not systematic. And to think it was an IE forum, talagang nakaka-annoy! Akalain mo namang iba yung line for the food, iba rin yung sa drinks

And yeah, before I forget :) Thank you to Janile  I really appreciate her gift. She's so thoughtful 

             So, 'til here na lang muna.  I'm gonna work on something else pa eh! School stuffs, if you would ask. Talagang nakakapagod. Haaaaaaaayyy! Sorry, guys, if I wasn't able to bloghop for a couple of days, sobrang busy talaga eh... Hayaan nyo, after nito lahat, go go go na talaga 


  1. Better rest sisssy.. love the polo trip! the colors and the header of this layie is really nice!

  2. aw bakit wala po ako sa links mo sis. btw ayos naman ang layie mo sis ang ganda nga ng color combination eh. ang cute niyo sa pic ang gagandang babae niyong lahat. ano yan nag-aapply ba kayo ng trabaho or what?

  3. ayos naman po layout mo!! hehe :))
    how're you btw?

    kakapagod na nga talga sobra sa school..
    buti nalang lapit na vacationnnnnn....

  4. love the new layout aimz!!! hehehe
    and i love the checkered polo trend!!! formal yet stylish!!! hehe.. i've been planning to buy one too pero i don't know when i'll be able to wear it.. i wish i also had a forum to attend! LOLz!

  5. pero imu jd nawng ang header? hahaha. XD
    i liked how the four of us stuck to the deal. hahaha. we're inseparable. at least suyin had a decent excuse why she wasn't able to wear a polo diba. :P
    sunod gni, kita na handle sa forum ug enrollment sa IE para IE way jd ang gamiton! hahaha. XD

  6. oh sis beLated happy birthday to you.. sobrang beLated haha.. sorry for the Late comment too.. nice Layout btw.. is that you on the header? hehe.. goodLuck sa schooL stuffs ^^

  7. @ rose: hindi po kami nag-aapply :) hehehe.. nag-attend lang po ng forum :)

  8. wow,, you actually find no-class boring,, I remember that classes were the most boring experience one can have,, hahaha

  9. morning Aimee... nice to see you..
    I got a new post 4 u at http://masisnanto.blogdetik.com/2009/03/09/hand-book/#more-350 , about handbook engineering.. hope you could visit & download it:) thanx

  10. Hi
    I think that some classes are boring but not having class IS boring. Well it looks like you made good times with your day off

  11. Ang cute, pare-pareho kayong naka-polo! :) I want plaid blouses, kaso need ko magsave sa ngayon so di makabili. what are you planning to buy on multiply? :)

    Goodluck with the schoolwork! Okay lang yun, unahin mo studies before blogging. tc! :)

  12. I like ur theme hurr actually sis,
    da basecode is pretty neat
    mas mgnda tlga kpag simple lNg;) for me,
    da best pdin dba.

    BTW, buti nlng tlga
    we have the high tech internet in da woRld,LOLS
    to kill boRdomz, :D

    Cute gift, hehe lucky u
    that's really nice of janille ;)

    COngrats for da gritingz pla sis.

  13. Actually, mas gusto ko talaga tong layout mo ngaun kesa ung dati ehehehe btw visit mo dn multiply ko :)


  14. ang cute naman. :) pareho kayo nakapolo. HAHA.
    nice layout. ganda. :]

  15. i love the polos. Ung pang-3rd na polo, hawig nung polo ko. :)

  16. I love weekends, kahit boring.. kasi walang school. xD

  17. nice layie .. btw, ang cool ha.. puro kau nkapolo.. kakatuwa..

  18. hi aimee!:) wow i love your new layout! ganda ng colors!:) pink and yellow ba yun or greenish?:) cute!

    btw, i love shopping sa multiply!:) hahaha lagi akong bumibili dun..addiction!=P last na binili ko morbie doll sa www.morbiedoll.multiply.com tapos ring sa www.girlcandy.multiply.com, bag sa www.fabmanila.multiply.com and lastly, trinkets sa www.elleone.multiply.com hehe ayan incase gusto mo mag browse!:) love the polo trip! gusto ko na din ng polo! hehe

    tc! have a nice weekend!